Nwell to v2 cylinder head and nozzle

So a while back @Rattler did some awesome testing on 6mm or 8mm style head and nozzles.
6mm vs 8mm Head and Nozzle

So because I had a difference in FPS on my DSG builds I decided to see what happened if I swapped out the nwell style head and nozzle to V2 style.

DSG 1, nwell style head and nozzle avg FPS 264.
DSG 2, v2 style head and nozzle avg FPS 288.

So I swapped out DSG 1 to V2 parts and had an average FPS gain of 32 FPS.
So DSG 1 now sits at an avg 296 FPS.

Here is a quick build video…


Nice work man ! Your seeing the same results as I did, free fps is a good thing or the same fps with a smaller spring means better efficiency :+1:


can of worms opened you have. I don’t have a V2 cylinder head (AS) or hybrid nozzle sorry

Outer diameter top, inner diameter lower. Jet funnel sleeves next?


:thinking: where did you get the V2 head and nozzle? Are you running the FB T peice?

AliExpress bro and yes FB t piece.
There’s a little bit of fluffing to get seal and proper feeding clearance but nothing to hard.


Is the Hk416/Kublai head the same as the v2? Thanks

What’s the difference between Nwell and v2 - head and nozzle? Cheers.