Nylon/Alloy Sidearms

I have searched around a bit and cannot seem to find any high quality nylon built sidearms. Does anyone know of any that have been released already or if anyone is working on bringing one out?

Seems to be a small hole in the market that needs to be filled. I’m sure a decently built nylon sidearm would sell extremely well.

I think the new Desert Eagle is a nylon build.
Should be for sale soon.

Different from the one that came out late last year?
Who makes it?

By RX, it’s just the Deagle V2. It’s a nylon shell. Bit hard to find, but not really worth getting until we find out if we are getting this Kublai P1. There is also the heavily modified Deagle by SRnD that just come back in stock, but it’s a bit expensive.

Fingers crossed for the Kublai

I think I will have to pistol-ise a JM M4

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And when you finish it, please send us a link to the holster you plan to use for that sidearm :thinking:

That’s the trick isn’t it… How do you carry something like that…

Maybe 3d print something. There are some great looking j9 pistol conversions around.