Nylon Gear set Adelaide

Tried M4A1, sold out at both stores

Anyone got any idea where I could source a set of nylon gears in Adelaide?

Dont mind me asking but why nylon.

There was a guy selling black nylon set in ebay, no sure if his still got stock tho

Seller id: 2266680

Item id: 202795577928

Do keep in mind u need to sand back the tappet plate coz the gear rod where it contacts is thicker than standard nylon gear, thiswill prevent tappet from returning all the way forward

I would go to a metal set, but the cost of replacing everything else is a bit too much for the budget just now

Too hard. I am just after a quick fix for now
And really want something I can collect. Not wait on postage

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Checkout safari zoomer. They have a store near parafield airport. Not sure if he has any or is open, but it’s an option if you haven’t already tried them.

I went there and ended up getting everything I needed to do an upgrade to metal gears

A bit more work and money but will make a very bored 11yo happy faster