Nylon ladders and spring sizes

Putting this to the brains trust

What’s the largest spring you trust with a nylon ladder?

Stock motor
Metal gearset
Stock rof

I personally wouldn’t run a nylon rack with metal gears.
The largest spring I would attempt with nylon gears and nylon rack is 1.3mm but that size spring is capable of well over 300fps anyway


Pretty much where my head was also

Parts for my AK are soon to be in the post

Big should out to @zhenduo_gel_blaster for the back and forth to find what I needed…outstanding effort for a 50$ sale.


One of my Vectors still has nylon gears and rack, it runs 3s lipo, 1.25mm unequal spring and pushes around 295fps.
It is shimmed and runs very smooth and quite


With the exception of my CQB vector, I’ve kept them nylon also.

The Rx AK is getting an m100 and a 7.3ID SS barrel so I was looking to be a little more robust.

It’s been painful to find bits but zhendo solved the issue

What about running a 2-4 tooth only metal rack? Holds full load on the metal teeth but has the safety of the rest of the rack being nylon?

the issue for me todate has been getting the rx rack or something of similar sizing.

usually i’m with rattler, to a 1.3, maybe a 1.4 with other stock components.

but the thought i had was, has the quality changed…what are the current fruitbats getting away with :wink: