Odd failure to feed?

Got a failure to feed issue that is driving me nuts.
Wells mrt, cast metal gears, 100% cylinder, metal ladder piston, 1.28 spring, 31000rpm motor, ausgel 7.3mm barrel, stock wells t piece, head, nozzle & tappet plate.
I’ve narrowed it down to the nozzle not being pulled back far enough to feed a gel, I checked the magazine etc, all is working as it should, but it just won’t feed.
Even dropping a gel into the t piece with it upside down it won’t feed it.
Pulled it all down again & with the spring out wound the gears over slowly by hand & watched the nozzle, at max retraction it does not get to the back of the feed hole - there is not enough room to feed a gel.
Wtf is going on here?
Was working ok, shredded the odd gel (every 5th or 6th), they were shredding in the t piece - which seems to be because the nozzle was not retracting far enough.
I have a heavier tappet spring on it.

What have I missed?

Something with ladder gear not engaging tappet correctly to bring nozzle back far enough? @Rattler will know :beers: another JB, they are building up fast lol

It can only be one of the parts you replaced.
Is the cylinder the short well style ?
Is the sector gear different to the stock one ?

The only thing I replaced that effects the nozzle travel is the ladder gear, the pin in it must not be located correctly, I’ll compare it to the stock one tonight, maybe put the stock nylon ladder gear in as a confirmation.
If that’s it then I guess I’m buying SHS gears.

Is the tappet plate flexing under the strain of the stronger tappet spring? I have noticed that some tappets are made from softer plastics then others and can flex or bend slightly under load.

If you use a longer cylinder than stock the tappet can’t come all the way back because there is a lip


You can see here one I had to modify that was slightly too long not allowing the tappet to come fully back

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The head is stock & the cylinder does not come past it, the tappet plate can pull back far enough, it just doesn’t!

If everything else is the same as when the Well was working, it seems to me it can only be the sector gear… maybe the actuating pin’s in a slightly different spot. I wonder if it would be worth clipping a delay chip on it and seeing how that goes.

I would have thought the ladder gear was not relevant to the tappet location and movement . Doesn’t that just control piston operation? The sector gear times piston retraction/release to tappet function. I’d be looking at the sector gear.

Then again, don’t own a Well M4, but the theory’s pretty much the same between brands.

A delay chip doesn’t give more travel, it just keeps it back longer

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Thought so… but wasn’t sure :+1:

Thanks lads, things to look at!
Process of elimination methinks, starting with double checking the end of the cylinder, then trying it with stock gear, then with original tappet spring.
It’ll either be the gear with the pin located incorrectly or flex in the tappet plate.

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Spent a hour dicking around with the tappet etc.
Couldn’t find anything wrong.
Turns out there was nothing to find.
It was the magazine, the little impeller was loose on the shaft, it’d grip hard enough to raise gels, but slipped & wouldn’t feed them.
The chewed gels then failure to feed was just lack off pressure on the gels.
A spot of super glue on the shaft & she’s golden.

On the plus side I am now very, very familiar with the workings of the gearbox & the thing is now shimmed to perfection.

Hitting hard now, perfect feed & no chewed up gels, best it’s ever been!


Next question, why am I bending springs?
It’s an ausgel 2.8 uneven, seems soft, can straighten it easy by hand.
Got a bearing in the piston, but not in the retainer.
Just shit spring?

What’s the equivalent or a bit stronger in an shs?

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Get a bearing type retainer… looks like the spring is winding up to me… :thinking:


Great you sorted the feeding problem out… :+1:

But man… that spring! :joy:

It’ll be shit spring steel used in the manufacture of that spring that’s allowing it to deform so much. You shouldn’t be able to bend a spring back into shape so easily.

Considering that diameter of the steel, number of coils per cm, and overall length are what determine spring characteristics, the springs on offer to us often fall short of expectation…

I agree with @Calcifer
Also which way round did you have the spring ? Like in the photo is wrong, the tight wind end must go on the spring retainer.
I like the Ausgel springs and haven’t have any issues with them.


Yeah, close coils to the non moving end, just like a valve spring.
It just happened to be sitting that way for pic.
I’ll grab a bearing type retainer & an m100 spring.
Must be a dud spring, way too easy to straighten.

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