Ohh yeah look what the mailman delivered

Courtesy of the A.T.O return​:+1: I decided on making a second custom build SLR and got ordered this V2 box :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Cheers to chainsaw products. Assumed it was pre-assembled and realised it’s all in parts. So I’m happy as a pig in s**t​:grin::grin::grin:. But for those who aren’t tech savvy or confident putting everything together. Will be happy to put up a thread on how to do so.


Yeah baby ! I love new toys.
I am also starting a new build with a FB split 3.0 v2 gearbox :+1:


Someone needs to make a metal version of that Jingji box.
It’s a straight copy of a v2 it seems but has that added extra part at the front which allows a lot more forward travel of the tappet plate.
I cut mine up but you can clearly see the extension in the picture.

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Yep im pretty sure it is a##$0*t. The air nozzle and cyclinder head are 6mm

Keep me updated on that coz so far haven’t had anything from a source I consider reliable.

I’m also getting a R/A CNC billot split box can’t wait