Ok, who broke the forum?

Havent seen the forum go down for so long, who broke it?

not this muppet…

although these past couple of days i’ve been well and truly busy with cyber security and ddos stuff almost across every provider i know off…

and a few i didn’t know existed.

the inturnurtz is burning…and for some reason a ton of people have my contact detail…its not a good mix

Yer… so you can blame this one on me.

I hadn’t been monitoring it and we hit some storage limits. Sorry all… and thanks to those that reached out and @zeHamish showing me the error of my ways.

You will be punished later

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But will he like it???


But not by design

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If it happens again :rofl:


Soooo had myself a month python moment

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Yeah nah yeah… I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms…ceazy laughing%20(1)

I blamed Rattler for it anyway… it is usually his fault Trump%20Yoda

Then I had a really bad dream… I woke up (halloween) and there was the grim reaper standing next to my bed…

I grabbed whatever I could to beat him off with… all I could reach was the vacuum cleaner…

Man, did I smash him with that…

Talk about Dyson with death? noidea sf-fight rofl


This site helps you know if it is a general outage or just your machine having a problem…

Handy to have this in your ‘tool box’ :sunglasses:

You can blame me , I am used to being blamed for shit :thinking:

I have to ask why the hell the vacuum cleaner was in reach of your bed ?
Something kinky I presume
Talk about Dyson with Dong :rofl:


Nah…they are largely crap

I’ll get an aws instance run up and tested for migration to EOY but for the interim I’ll add the current hoat to my Nagios monitoring which I was working on these past few days

Knowing it’s down is for the birds…seeing it fall over in slow motion…that’s where it’s at

Diskspace…an easy thing to defend against…

Too much blaster p0rn!

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My wife and daughter :wink:


And just so no one can say I am sexist here is my son :grinning:

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That’s a nice receiver


Women are lucky, they don’t all need a holster… plike

If you look very closely… maybe squint a little… this girl actually has a g*n (45DDD?) noidea eye%20popping1

No need to adjust your eyes…

She should be sent to Africa to feed all the starving children :thinking:


Nice sling mounts too :star_struck: