Old farts plus unite!

1 …we are Able to understand each others English not abbreviations with numbers and symbols
2… we do not get distracted and go of topic and if we do its only because we forgot what the topic was about
3…We are old enough to have actually been there and actually done that
4 …most of us are old enough to be married or have been married so we can bitch about are wives with no chance of them ever coming on this site .with the occasional blaster stuff thrown in
6…Here we can express are views with out offend some latte sipping millennial
7…There is more to life than blasters…(I know…I know but hear me out) here we can talk about what grinds are gears about life .Knowing full well that it will eventually get back to FPS,plunger diameter and barrel length
8…Most of us seniors like to take are time and ponder over these topics before we comment,by the time we do they have spiraled out of control and we have lost are chain of though
9 …and the most important is …So we can bitch about every thing and every one we have earned that right as seniors


funniest shit so far this morning.

probably some good feedback for the general group in terms of thread progression too.


I am only 36 but recently found out that I have arthritis in my spine…do I get extra seniors credits? :grinning:


Sounds familiar.
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Been a member for 20 years

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Yes there called pity credits

I became a grandfather at 40 yesterday. Surely I qualify. I also hate abbreviations TBH LMFAO

Added emojis :disappointed::expressionless::confounded::yawning_face::anguished::pleading_face::neutral_face::cry::astonished::disappointed:


Lol…NFW I think I am getting the hang of this

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BAAAAAHAH :rofl:AHAHHAHA :joy:HAHAHA :rofl:AHA Holy fuck you are kidding right!? Some of the best digressions have been perpetrated by our more mature flavoured staff!


Sorry had a seniors moment


How the fuck does that even work?

Feel for ya though. I’ve had back issues since I was 17 and I broke mine. Not pretty to deal with.

50 plus my hairy arse! Been there and done all that by my late 20’s ! :roll_eyes: Can certainly see where ya coming from though…5 minutes with most millennials has me shaking my head and wondering how they are gonna survive if the internet crashes for a day, the power goes out for a week or their phones aren’t in their hands for 5 minutes :roll_eyes: :joy::+1:


Holy shit… I’m 38 and I have ankylosing spondylitis. Is that what you have also??

Now there’s a condition and a half to live with

How are your hands?

#2 :thinking: zeHamish asking about hands got me thinking… I’ve never seen such things as threads go off topic. I’m sure of it, or maybe I forgot

The condition and usefulness of your hands is a perfectly acceptable over 50’s adjunct topic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Newly added
10…we can all talk about are ailments (which most of us have plenty of) and swap script recipe’s


haha, my coordination has always been shit so it hasn’t been too bad. If it wasn’t for the injections i’d be in a wheelchair. Prior to that I was sleeping upright in a chair for 2 years because I couldn’t lie down. Had to lose 35kg and then maintain strength training 3 days a week (since 2006) to stop the spinal fusion. Apart from my slight stoop its working though.


fark…so you’re a fairly decent way down the road there.

my father was well down that path.

is he on anti-tnf? most doctors dismiss the issue as just back pain so the majority of diagnoses are later on when the spine is already changed. PBS is ironic, in that you have to prove that the condition is improved by the injections before they let you have it. Hope the old man’s doing better