One month wait on a gearbox…

Around a month ago now I ordered a CNC gearbox from GBA. After two weeks I contacted them and asked for a refund as I hadn’t heard any correspondence and figured I’d just buy one elsewhere.

I was advised that I couldn’t get a refund because my order had been shipped. I then received an email asking me which colour I wanted… even though my order had apparently been shipped.

I then received another email asking me if I’d received my order, to which I replied no and got no response…

Anyone else had a similar experience with this mob?

Thinking I’m going to have to go to the bank and just force the refund as their support team has lost the plot.

I was then em

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Unfortunately you are not alone. GBA have a bit of a reputation around here on not delivering goods and not issuing refunds. Maybe @Tiger could point you to your options.

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Mate contact the Office of Fair Trading Queensland and press a complaint about undelivered goods and all your communications. They are already on the radar, they are from what everyone can see insolvent. They owe plenty of product and money around the community. Also contact your bank to arrange a disputed transaction and try to get your money. You can do both at the same time, it doesn’t effect either.