One year anniversary 🎂

Just noticed 7 days ago it was my one year anniversary on here.

I can honestly say, joining this forum has been the third most expensive things I have ever done. #1 buy house, #2 buy car - Lucky/unlucky I’ve never had kids or got married, because, I know that would be up there in the top 3 haha.
I’ve spent about $60,000 buying stuff because of this forum. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Pretty much all my retirement savings. That said, I’m glad I have. I don’t do social media, and I can feel a bit isolated now and then due to some health issues. It’s a great community on here. Smart, funny, interesting and diverse people. So I thank you all.

… and if you all turn out to be a huge bunch of c***s in disguise, I guess I’ve still got my cnc mill, and workshop if I ever finish building it… :rofl:

But seriously, love all you guys and girls, thanks!


Yeehaw party time :tada::confetti_ball::balloon:
Congratulations mate a whole year !


Party time is when the workshop is finished and I can seriously start making stuff… I’m thinking September haha


Well stop farting about and get it done allready ?
I have a few things I want made :+1:


Yeah funny shit, I went from a couple of kicks and giggles blasters to a pile of em that’ve cost me more than the mrs will ever know!!
Thanks guys! :rofl::+1:t3:


Same, my missus thinks my full metal MK18 cost $100 :rofl: :rofl:


That’s awesome, I reckon mine has caught on but has stopped asking questions. :sunglasses:


You could simply pay the extra $4.95?


Happy 1 year Arty :+1:


Happy Anniversary, 1 year in, hopefully many many to go. I think you might need to edit your OP, it seems you have a few too many zeros in your approximation.

I can go deep with any new obsession so I really, really like to research what it is I’m after so as to double make sure I’m:

1 - not buying the wrong part (research, the reason I joined this forum, now, not the reason I’m staying)

2 - not buying a shitty made part only to have to replace it over and over again (buy once, cry once)

3 - not buying stuff just to buy stuff, a bit of self control with that one ( no matter how good the “buzz” is when I smash BUY

There is no better place than a supportive group of chucklheads to keep one interested in what needs be, and, off the streets and outta trouble, yeah the hair again. I believe you have made a wise estimation of the most folk around here. I am sure everyone who has taken the time, out of their busy “me time” to mull it over feels the same.

You look & sound like the happiest chap that could ever be, but, throw in a health issue here and there and a bit of stuck out in the woods and things can sometimes get a tad shitty, and sometimes stay a bit crappy a tad too long. If ever, ever you need something, from this to that, just summon me and all that I can do I will do. I don’t know you, but I like you.

And @Calcifer I like the pic, could of come in handy a few times over the course of my life, I wonder if retailers really do provide such a service, free or otherwise, it’s a great idea

“People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf”

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Nice man! Well done

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Congrats, Arty… nice work! :+1:

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Congrats marty thats bloody awesome!!!

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Wow Marty… you get less for break and enter?noidea icon_e_ugeek laughing (1)


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