Open Thread For The MK47 Mutant receiver

Hello to all you wonderful people of the Forums!

I am opening this thread about the MK47 receiver to spread and gain information about this receiver, its quirks, compatibilities and tips/tricks.

The MK47 Receiver (also known as the Mutant) is a V2 style receiver which has features of both AK and M4.

It has an M4 compatible barrel nut thread on the front for m4 handguards, an AK style proprietary (to my knowledge) magazine and, at the rear, an M4 compatible buffer tube peg/mount thing.

As far as I know it is V2 gen 9 compatible. If this is wrong, please correct

Picture below/

If you have any information on gearbox, Tpeice, nozzle, barrel and pretty much everything else compatibility, feel free to post it in this thread so it is easy to find for people who would like to use this receiver in a build!

Stay Safe and Happy Blasting!
And don’t shy away from correcting people in this information pool!

Is this the UAV me one? I’ve seen it around FB and marketplace. Is anyone running it? Seemed pricey for nylon, but quality nylon is not to be laughed at for the all tin bois.

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Yes! This is the UAV me one. I’m not sure if they are the original sellers of the receiver but they do sell it aswell as X-Force Tactical, happytime7 and a few others. I know of people who have used the receiver but it doesn’t seem to be very wide spread, its been out for quite a while know though. The construction appears to be very thick nylon and is (as far as I know) the only option for an M4 aK mutant receiver

It’s probably just a lack of information on what to do, what to get, how to build/what’s compatible issue. I’d love a Mutant MK47 the real world ones are actually quite cool on the real steel world.

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Exactly! That’s why I’ve opened the thread so we can all get a collective Information pool. I love the look and am going to make a build myself soon

So who’s go the receiver and who has built one up?

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A person called Gel Blaster Mods Australia made on in Oct 2019

I got in contact with him and he game me some insight into what to use with it. I also believe that @LowGuido may have dabbled or is dabbling with one.

GBMA told me that he used a gen 9 gearbox in his build and proposed that the MK Hybrid 92 CNC box would work as it is gen 9 compatible. This is currently conjecture until I get my hands on the receiver and the box which hopefully will be soon.

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Nice looking blaster

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It is yeah, im thinking of going for a more compact build with the mutant

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CQB mutant, interesting, that could work well with the larger mag.

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Thats exactly what I thought

A guy in cairns has posted a cpl of these builds on fb using ldx split boxes

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Thanks for the info, those are some cool builds. Good do know what boxes they are compatible with. I’ll definitely be messaging this man tomorrow to double check what mk cnc box he used and other information on the mag terminals and tpeice

the MK box is a bit fatter in the top end and requires a bit of dremeling to fit into the mutant shell.

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Is this the same for the mk hybrid 92 box?

I only tried the H92
also the sides of the mag terminal plate need to be trimmed as well.

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Awesome! Thanks heaps for adding to the pool of knowledge. @LowGuido what tpeice was used in the build? Was it a gen 9 or a more standard v2 style?

it was a J9 T piece

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Hey guys, I am currently bulding one with a metal wells gearbox. I have take the 3D printed mag terminal block from the MK gearbox and modified it a bit to fit. I just now need to find a way to secure it onto the gearbox. Also I am stuck in what T piece to use, I have tried a wells t piece and succesfully got gels to shoot out of it however some were breaking. It’s either because of crappy gels or the fact that the t piece has a lot of slop. I was told to buy an x-force universal barrel adaptor so that the t piece will stay in better but I haven’t come to that yet. I will post more info as I contunue the build and would greatly appreciate any tips, cheers!


I am getting a MK47 receiver… what gearboxes and t piece combinations do fit? I am fine with some sanding filing to get a good fit, and eventually will look at a delightful cnc box, but initially would like to jam a spare ldt or slr gearbox (or similar nylon v2) in and just get it running.

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