(OPERATION T.N.A) "Toys not Arms" GEL Community Op (GEL REGULATION)

Operation T.N.A “Toys not Arms” GEL Community Op (GEL REGULATION)
This is a Gel Blaster Community Operation that I’ve dubbed “Operation T.N.A” (Toys Not Arms)
The concept is to spread awareness over social media i.e Facebook about the new proposed
Gel Blaster Regulations " Public consultation on Gel Blasters and other Replica Firearms”
Which we are likely all very much aware of.

So i ask those with a Facebook account please post this under the following comment sections to spread awareness in regards to the *Public consultation on Gel Blasters and other Replica Firearms

Just copy and paste the post I’ve made previously which will be included bellow this post as a separate post in this topic Break Down The Gel Blaster Regulation Survey

This will help the inform those yet to submit a survey and increase our chances for the best possible result.

The Following is a list of retailers that already have posts about this topic, but by using the post that I’ve made titled “break down” will make it easy for people to tackle the survey.
Every submission helps spread awareness for the cause.

Mission Package Operation 1

(GBA facebook page)

(Hawkextactical Facebook page)

(TPM Tactical Facebook page)

(XForce Facebook page)

(Azraels Armory Facebook page)

(RAArmament Facebook Page)

(RPM Blaster Facebook page)

(MK Tactical hobbies Facebook page)

(Titian Blasters Facebook Page)

(I will Update More Facebook Pages to target) so Please check Back
One Post Per Facebook page is all that’s need avoid spamming so be the first to stake your claim on each comment section

Mission Package Operation 2 “Pending”

Break Down The Gel Blaster Regulation Survey

Some Basic understand It’s no Secret that the governing Police body, Labor government, Liberal Government, The Greens anything left leaning Doesn’t like Gel-Blasters because of the Anti-G_U_N mentality that currently controls society cultural norms and Media. Unless we collectively do something, we simply have too many enemies the “
Public consultation on Gel Blasters and other Replica Firearms” is one of the main steps proposed against us at the same time none of the entities play fair so why the hell should we?

So I propose the “Blast the survey”
I recommend when it comes to filling out a survey make and submit at least 3 surveys or more.
Using’s different postal codes for each submission from Queensland and written from different perspectives which should be based on answering the first question

Do you or anyone in your household own a gel blaster or other replica firearm? of course make one survey answering “yes” and the other two of your choice “no” preferably reason bellow the idea of this is to throw the accumulated data in our favor. Considering the survey allows for different exploits and its ultimately gathering data from the community then the more data the better right?

Pic your Postal Code (Preferably Postal Codes with Labor held seats or The Greens)

Postal codes for Queensland, Australia

Postal codes for Queensland, Australia.

Those in other states I ask help out if you haven’t already or add a extra survey just enter a Queensland postal code when filling out a survey remember if we fall you will as well remember most Gel Blaster Business are located in Queensland as result regulations will filter down and the sport will be killed.

Demographic Answering Statistics make sure to answer the survey as vote basis or how you filled out the survey

Do not answer outside Australia by this i mean do not tick the box that says outside Australian QLD postal code only please gives us the best shot remember its a state tackled issue anything outside the state will be used as a means to filter the data Governments care about votes and taxes that’s it.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)
if you have access to a VPN turn it on when answering the survey just make sure the sever your using is located in Australia legitimacy is key.

Do you or anyone in your household own a gel blaster or other replica firearm?

(1) Only say this if your depicting your answers as a “concerned parent” who enjoys gel Blasters with the family both on a voter passes and community this aspect represent a larger voice you want to instill the idea that as a family you will represent your view in public outcry during the election.

(2) ( Gel Blaster Support Enthusiast ) keep in mind due to the nature of this survey this option will likely be deliberately overlooked however data will be complied from the options and represented to help understand community response this can be a double edge sword hence the best idea is to enter multiple surveys with different postal codes to improve the statically data.

( As for Business owners employee ) who trade in Gel Blasters make the point in your survey that such increase regulations will negatively affect business commerce and employment opportunities for local residents additionally ask your employees to fill out the survey and summit as well to be honest its in their best interests.

( Servicemen ) Answer yes and in the survey how the sport allows you to keep in contact with other servicemen and enjoy the same mateship that you do in the service.

( Note likely best option ) – Data analytics will assume this option should be the highest number being the Gel Blaster Community is small therefore giving the impression that most answers the survey will be those who don’t own them additional governing entities will gravitate to these statists rather than Gel blaster Supporters

( Community Member of the Public ) - likely a Neighbor of children playing with Gel Blasters.

  • A concerned informed public member who questions community issues This is who you want to be representing as

( Grandparents ) -those in their 50s plus having grand kids enjoying gel blasters

Throw this answer in just to mix things up makes data of the other case more believable

(Note: Don’t get defensive if the following examples used here.
If you personally support or are currently involved in any of the following example comparisons it’s not a sacrifice it’s a justification of argument that I’m giving.
Remember these sports are not the one’s risking Higher Regulation Gel Blasters are Ye they are not unjustly target by policy makers or Law enforcement.

“How do you think gel blaster and replica firearm ownership impacts on community safety?”
No matter how you answer this question, make sure you answer as to always compared it to the pre-existing Sports that don’t have special regulations around them that Australians enjoy that have considerable or potential effects on public safety.
Good examples that are hard to argue against that are more problematic when public safety is involved
Would be

MMA (Violence and Public Safety Risk) Gel Blasters are far Less Risk to public safety.
Cyclists (Allowed to Cycle on public roads, Doesn’t required registration or any safety course)
Archery ( Doesn’t Require Registration or Special paper work yet can be lethal)
Rugby (Studies have shown link to long term Health Risks)

Best way to answer this is to clarify in your response that

Always enter option (1)
(1) Replica firearms state that
Queensland law defines Gel Blasters as “Toys” and are not considered
“replica firearms” and I object to the use of such a term to define them.

(2) Gel Blasters posse far less risk to public safety then Cycling or Rugby, therefore increased regulation is misguided and unnecessary being that both cycling and rugby have higher injury and death rates in Australia when Gel Blasters have currently zero deaths and substantially less injuries to date.

(3) Being the higher fatality rate related to “replica firearms” and the higher regulations that involve them I firmly believe that Regulations have failed to help community safety therefore such increase regulations would be more of a community safety risk if such regulations were applied to gel blasters

Are you supportive of a sensible set of regulations around replica firearms and gel blasters to support a greater level of community safety?
This is loaded Question similar to “ Have you stop beating your wife? ” and also worded to associate the term “Replica firearm” and “Gel Blaster” as one in same which will be a recurring aspect and overall goal of this survey and attempt to curb gullible public opinion in support of regulation side stepping current law.

Best Choices
Strongly Disagree (Second Best Option) If you written your repose as a Parent enjoying gel blasters with family this option is fine but if you’re an enthusiast avoid this

Disagree (Preferably) reason seems more balanced answer

Please provide your opinion on there being a need for a person to have a reasonable excuse when possessing replica firearms and gel blasters (for example, a reasonable excuse may include being a member of a gel blaster club and taking part in club activities, military re-enactments etc).

**(This again is a loaded question as it says provide a reason **
Answer no reason should be required)

Copy and paste or slightly edit the following

In my view I don’t believe a genuine reason or reasonable excuse should be required for the possession or use of a "Gel blaster”. Requiring such a reason I believe would impact negatively upon both the commercial industry and the recreational hobby/sport its self but such requirement would also provide little for community safety.

As a comparison roughly 38 cyclists die in crashes every year yet no higher regulations are required to purchase, Store or operate a bicycle. Nor any requirement for a genuine reason for ownership.

This includes no Registration or club membership yet “Gel Blasters” face far higher regulation even when substantially and statistically safer. The only risk posed by the ownership of a gel Blaster if its was to be changed from “Toy” classification to “firearm replica” then this statically raises the risk of being fatal shot by police officers. Considering cases of police shooting individuals with
“replica firearms” in recent years. This is rather ironic because the very same Police governing body that wish to change Gel Blasters from “Toy” to “Replica Firearm” in the name of community safety proves to be the very reason why fatal shootings involving “replica firearms” has happen. Once more this would be more counterproductive for public safety then anything.

Additionally, elevating Gel Blasters to such a level to require a genuine reason for them similar to the requirement of actual firearm ownership Is both out touch with public opinion and what appears to be more of a copy and paste approach. lacking any real understanding and consideration for the community.

I also like to state that
Queensland law defines Gel Blasters as “Toys” and are not considered “replica firearms” and I object to the use of such a term to define them.

How should replica firearms and gel blasters be required to be stored when not in use?
Best Answer Copy and Paste The following
Gel blasters storage should only require what is considered necessary action by the owner and therefore should be solely determined by the owner of said Gel blaster for what is consider “required storage”.

Considering the toy nature of a gel blaster and current defined definition under Queensland law it can be said a Gel blaster is not defined as a potentially deadly weapon therefore storage requirements should not be required and such requirements is a miss guided and gross over step infringement on personal liberty and of private property .

In conclusion
None of this may make a difference, however you have more too loose if you don’t try. Just post this around different forums make changes, add, take away whatever you feel is needed. In the end I’m just trying to do my part keep the sport from being regulated into leftist utopia fallacy.
If you care for Gel Blasters as Hobby sport Past time business opportunity then i ask please spread it around the community."

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