Opinion Time...Emblem Design

I shoot with a few guys and most people have patches, etc on their carriers, and some on their blasters.

I would guess that 50% are Punisher, 45% are some kind of military emblem, and the final 5% MAYBE have something different or at least not as common.

So considering this is a tattoo I had put on me ages ago:

The Crimson Omen seemed a perfect choice, which I haven’t seen on anyone else yet.

So today at work, I got to making a couple of stencils …yes I was THAT busy…

This is the one was the hardest to make, but is a proper crimson omen, and is neat…and would look good on both the black and tan parts/mags.

This is the one i WANT to work best, but am unsure how it will look on the tan mags…I like it more because it is supposed to be messy, and the overspray works well for it.
Both a lighter and darker spray.


look good man :ok_hand: :ok_hand:
one problem is that, just eye balling it, that seems to be roughly 10cm x 10cm in size?
wouldn’t that bit a little too big to be painted on the side of mag?
and if you reduce the size more, u will loose more detail

maybe is to have ur stencils design of turn into sticker with a little more detail
stick it on the mag then apply paint, then peel it off O_O?

They are actually about 60mmx60mm.
I have four sizes…depending on the design I go with will say if I can use the smaller ones in enough detail.

Being that a rough look isn’t a bad thing necessarily, I don’t think id be too disappointed in not being perfectly square…gives a more stressed look…

And the other sizes…ignore the pen, that was so I knew what to razor out. This is the stencil for the 1st style.


I don’t get it , why use a gears of war trademark as your patch ?
You should design something original for yourself or your clan :thinking:

Is the photo a real tattoo? It looks very fresh or strange looking somehow ?

It is my tattoo from when it was first put on.
For some reason the story and games always gelled with me so I guess it stuck with me.

I like the design, and I have not liked anything else I came up with haha

Oh and I should say it’s for me only… not a clan.
Just for something to decorate!

If it’s something you like and want it on your mags, I say go for it…

Ultimately you’re the only one who has to be happy with it. :+1:

That’s very bad advise, since it is illegal to copy or use someone else’s registered trade mark without permission, it is also illegal for a tattooist to copy and use it !
I know this because I was sued for exactly that .
Your are allowed to buy stickers or patches with the trade makes logo if the are aregistered product✌

You where sued for a tattoo due to copyright?

I see where you’re coming from, Rattler… and you’re right. :+1:

The irony however is that this stencil’s going on a mag used in a blaster that’s the absolute embodiment of copyright infringement :rofl::rofl:

No, I used to have a Custom bike shop and I painted the Bar and shield logo and the Number one stars and stripes logo on the wall of my shop and Just the words Harley Davidson and Harley Davidson sued me for a huge amount of money , plus my tattooist was sued for putting the same logos on his customers skin :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I really don’t care but it’s a warning, I live in a very small place and thought something like that couldn’t happen but believe me it does.
Gears of War and other games registered logos are definitely on the list of companies that go after people.
I also got sued for my Australian registered business name HD CYCLE SPARES.
Apparently even the letters HD is their registered trade marks ffs.
They pursued me like a pack of mongrel dogs when I had nothing and it destroyed me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
And anyway a personalized logo is so much better :wink:

Especially when it’s posted on a public forum

Wow that’s a messed up and sad story mate. You would have thought they would understand that bigger exposure to the brand is nothing but beneficial to them.

In regards to using a personal logo I agree, even if it takes a while to get it looking good it’s worth it. We need more personal creativity :+1:

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That’s because u were using it as business logo and such (i had my fair share of copy right issue too…)
But generally when it been used for personal usage and not a business thing, it’s ok.

Well I firstly have to say that is ridiculous…you weren’t making money BECAUSE of the graphic, but I understand that by a business perspective, they see it as potential lost revenue…that’s how the world is now.

With regards to the Crimson Omen, I would highly doubt that I would be a blip on the radar, and, should I receive a cease and desist order, I would change whatever…won’t happen.

They have gotten plenty out of me anyway, with the amount of GOW stuff I have.

I agree that personalized is better, but I like what I like haha.

No different from a bike I have, that lives in the Honda showroom where I work, built up as a replica theme of an old Honda race bike…
Even heads of Honda have seen it and it is seen and understood as an appreciation of the product.
I didn’t have permission, but at the same time I am not selling it.

I guess I would have to apologize to the forum…I was not intending to spark a big debate over legal ramifications when we should be talking more about blasters haha…we have plenty of legal things happening at the moment!


Would love to see the bike tho o.O
Which racer didu replicate?

Mick Doohans 1998 championship NSR design.
It’s actually green but the color is blue in every photo I have managed to take haha.
On a highly modified 02 CBR954RR Fireblade.
It’s pulling 1000whp/tonne.

And this one is just in the sun but before the brakes went on.


Arh yes I remember that old boy :smiley:
awesome job man!