Opinions on pinions . 10 or 8 teeth

Couldnt resist the title sorry.

In the past I’ve done comparisons on jinming gen8 vs skd ss gen 8s and although many claim theyre the same theres a lot of subtle differences.

1 Ive just noticed is the slight differences in gear cogs.
Most noticebly is the pinion gear , and as Im waiting on some shs18:1s to start playing with Ive realised the pinion gear with shs’s(if you get 1) is most commonly cast metal , and have 10 teeth.

On the skd ss box it has 10 , but the jinming pinion only has 8 teeth , and a bevel gear to match. So straight away the gears arent 100% compatible. Oh and 4 vs 6 anti reverse locks.

Question is am i right by saying i need a 10 tooth pinion for shs 18:1s?

Just odd that in this case that JM is the one that is different , as usually the skd box is the one with slight differences to standards. Like why make it 8 tooth if its normally 10? Added grip due to more contact.

Yes , I over think the smallest of things.

The pinion gear and mesh to the bevel does not mandate the number of teeth on the ladder.

I interesting observation though.

Yeah thats correct they actually work out the same , jm pinion is 8 : 24 bevel and then skd is 10:30 .
So both 1:3 and very similar cycle aftee those gears.
Just wondering is the pinion i need for shs 18:1 a 10 tooth pinion? Does shs make one ,And why doesnt one come part of the set?


Hey Rattler do you use that store?

Do you know where , what country they are etc.

Ive never heard of them before. They didnt have heaps of products but some of them they do Ive never seen before.

Just ordered a few things with express post , incase its in Asia.

Cheers for that mate!

Yes I have , I think they are SA somewhere but definitely in Australia

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I just had a look at the old tracking and it was from Grange SA

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Cheers. Just found them on facebook too.