Optimus Pew: A Transformation Story

Bit of a transformation story. A while back I got an MRT Nylon and gave it a bit of a visual treatment, going metallic blue, which led to Kermit the Brrrt (a HeE-ACR conversion to a gen8) and more recently, the magical friendship blaster.

This time, I’ve taken advice from the forum and looked to improve the venerable MRT. :slight_smile:

A big piece of the advice was to avoid the Wells metal gearbox, so I went for a build based around an LDT LDX Basic.


  • Have fun with a build
  • Up my innards game
  • try to stay field legal, but have a fun blaster with a bit of range & accuracy.

Main Parts used:

  • LDT LDT Basic box from watint
  • CNC X-Force 480 High Torque Long Type Motor for V2 Gearbox
  • Xforce Steel inner barrel (35cm)
  • switched to Mini Tamiya batteries

I also took the time to add a few small external parts. Most from AliExpress and a few others from xforce.

  • red metal outer barrel
  • new trigger and firing switch
  • other stuff I’m still waiting for

Traps (for people new to conversions or stay in the Wells ecosystem)

  • Inner barrels for the Wells are a smaller diameter than usual so you will need a new inner if you plan to move from Wells T-Pieces and Barrels to LDT and standard mags. I’m using SLR mags and can confirm if you keep things LDT they work well
  • you will need to cut out a couple of tabs out of the lower receiver to fit an LDT box
  • LDT mag terminals have a well deserved reputation for being easily broken. Be prepared for some soldering.
  • The screw on the Wells buffer tube might be too short to reuse on a new one. If you’re intending to replace the buffer tube make sure you also get the screw connection piece.

At the moment, I’m planning a Basic test with my minimal set up before working on seals/springs/Orings properly: I want to keep this build at that general field legal level. Once my wife is off night shift I’ll do some chrono work, pull it down and work on the details.




I would of named it Purple people eater :laughing:

Nice write up :+1:


More to come after this as I progress. Had to put the old buffer tube back on for the moment. Other bits arriving soon, but looking forward to doing a chrono this week.

Oh and the trigger was an absolute suck-hole to get in.


Purple People Eater?

I’ll quietly add that to my growing list of wacky builds I want to do… :slight_smile:

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Bruh. Those colours. Holy fuckin fuck. So good.

Totally getting flashbacks to when I accidentally broke the leg off my friends original release Optimus Prime in the mid eighties.

This ones gonna be a killer bro. I demand continued updates and reports!

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Very nice :+1:
After seeing this, I think I will have to get one of those ldx boxes for my wells.
What voltage lipo’s are you using and thoughts on using a mosfet?

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11.1v - I didn’t quite stretch to advanced / expert and figured given my play style being spray & pray I could try something closer to my experience level before taffing with mosfets :slight_smile:

Note: Unless you rewire the terminals, the LDX runs a mini tamiya connection. I like it but take this into account if you’re moving up from a standard(ish) blaster and innards.

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Just pulled the trigger, watinc have the ldx basic gearbox on sale for $105!

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Same here. When I saw that price I couldn’t not do it. Delivery was quick. It forced me to finish off the Unicorn Blaster so I could finally trick out this one :smiley:

Additional note: I got a universal barrel adapter and ordered a metal outer barrel. This meant that I didn’t need to shave down the LDT T-Piece by a couple of mm to fit in the standard Wells outer barrel.

Also if you go a stainless inner rather than say a red Ausgel inner, it will be a very snug fit (at least it was with me) onto the T-Piece.

Also used a small oRing to help centre the inner barrel inside the outer to avoid droopy-barrel (or is that just me?) :joy::joy::joy:

Best to use electrical tape to make the inner barrel snug in the outer barrel. It’ll have less give than an oring. Crucial for barrel stabilization and optimizing accuracy.

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Hey Dan just wanted to ask how you went with the SLR mags fitting in the wells magwell?
I grabbed an ldt mag from Watinc but found it was too tight and wouldn’t fit in my wells cqb metal receiver

Sure. Havent tried the LDTs. The SLRs worked for me. Photos attached. Also put a standard SCAR v2 (gen8 mag) in to confirm as well:

  1. Mag Well

  1. With the Gen8 (from the unicorn :unicorn: blaster)

  1. With the SLR mag

Doing the first proper field test at the Donnybrook arvo session. Will report back on how things go…

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Just note though that a gen 8 mag and SLR mag were low risk for me as I run these on other blasters. Once I tested an confirmed, I got a couple more SLR mags - can use in my SLR and this blaster.

I went for SLRs because they also have a better motor in them than regular gen8s - figured that might help the build.

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Additional note. I am running a Nylon receiver. This might change the dynamics of how Mags fit.

Wells nylon reciver with warinterest speedqb mag are a really nice fit
@Dan this would suit your build nicely


Thanks for the tips guys, I will try a SLR mag🤞

Yea definitely! Xforce have them listed but out of stock. Seen also on AliExpress. Pretty keen to give them a crack. Thinking of doing a scifi build next. Might try some of these puppies on that! :smiley: