Option no1 brushless 480 motors available

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The issue is you can not use it with a MOSFET with AB turned on and your still stuck with the troublesome cut off lever plus $250 !

The AS reviews say you can’t use it with a Tigger MOSFET

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There’s a lot of mixed information out there
But someone claims they work with mosfets

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That price though…


What’s the warranty period on that? Hope not 30 days

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Only good for 10 000 rotations :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

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It might have a manufacturers warranty :thinking:
Not sure how long though :question:

there isn’t enough information to make a call on these and those battery cut off levels are far too low

depending on how its strung together is could be used in much the same way as a secondary fet with the relay.

dunno…niggz needs more detail

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I’m all for using brushless motors and hope they become a bit more of a viable option, but ouch that’s quite a price point.

It would be cheaper to buy your own mosfet and a couple of aftermarket motors! (to have a spare)

Jeez, $250. I paid less than that for a Castle Mamba Monster.