Ordered two GBB pistols.. was thinking of more, but whats the risk with CEH?

So what are all the people saying about CEH as a company. I have preordered two gbb pistols and thinking of preordereing another two. They will all be different. Should I be worried about having trouble with the company and getting my orders?

5.1 hicapa
1911 c02

And thinking of
G17 metal slide

Plenty of custom build woes, questionable component lists in comparison to advertised components.

The above is as is indication of what I’ve seen of people’s personal experiences.

After sales support is a hotbed of grump for plenty of people.

Personally, I had some rather and stupidly obvious garbage advice which was blatantly wrong and I’m rather intolerant of that.

In your position, after sales support will likely be your primary concern

Azraels armoury would be my choice to order GBB from…


Must say my experience to date only reflects good things, Parts ordered , delivered promptly as ordered, Josh in Admin has responded to emails promptly, encouraging me to call and speak directly with him on any concerns, shuffled some paper work on GBB if required to suit a Pre Order i have made.
I cant speak of other issues as noted by others, however at 1200 odd Km,s away . I am comfortable with CEH.


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Comman elite hobbies in a nutshell! Triggered i got sent is nothing like the straight trigger in the product photo when i ordered.


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mate don’t give them your hard early dollars go to tactical edge or Azrael armoury and you won’t regret it

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Got a few things from them. Personally I have no complaints against them. But I’m unsure with the gen pistols in general atm. Curious to see how well they work before I buy any

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Saw this, pretty sweet full metal 1911. I was kinda taken aback by the beretta being only in full auto and not semi

beretta you can roleplay being john travolta

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pretty sure its switchable between full and semi. I think he was more mentioning the fact its the only one of them that can do full auto, rest are only semi.

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Ahh… probably. I guess you can mod it to look like a 93R

This from TEH :rofl:

Tactical Edge Hobbies Ok, so we have a TTI 2011 High Capa
(Baba Yaga) coming end of July. This will be in the same container
as the shotguns. Should leave mid next month and arrive the last
week of July. We also have a 2011 hi capa being made exclusively
for us through Classic Army (same guys that did our minigun) they
have also started work on a full metal MP5 and some new m4’s.
They are also going to do an ARP 9 which will be called the
nemesis. This will be here in August. MP5 in September. The pistols
coming soon on the website are from a New Zealand based
company but I am struggling to get any traction with those boys at
the moment. There are other retailers meant to be getting these but
they seem a little while away. There is also a high capa pistol made
in China that a few retailers are getting. Some have been put up for
pre-order through another retailer but a really big retailer is going to
be the first to get it and they will be doing theirs a lot cheaper which
is controversial. So the people who pre-ordered the hi capa, will be
pretty disappointed. We will be getting a few of these and our price is
a lot lower than the pre-order company. We have a pretty good
range of shotguns coming next month co2 cartridges, we have a
mini rocket launcher pistol in stock and going up for sale shortly.
There is heaps of stuff coming. Are we doing an FN FAL, A maybe


I’d buy a FN FAL

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very keen for the TTI High Capa and the shotgun.

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The shotgun will be cool but a pita ! The shells have the gas so probably expensive to replace and easy to lose :thinking:

yeah, not at all practical for field play but i still want one for the cool factor

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yeah, they posted this a month back too. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=526915697978075

Is this email suggesting that tactical edge is getting a shipment of the same gbb pistols as command elite but a month later then them with a much cheaper price tag?