Orders, postage and the painful wait

Was sitting here wondering when my new Rx akm nylon box will arrive and random thought…

What are other nutbags waiting on as result of this gratuitous consumption for the cult of profit and blaster goodness waiting on…


Whats in the mail for you lot?

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As well as being addicted to blasters, I am also addicted to rc helicopters, planes, gliders, buggies (1/10th), boats, excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers and rc crawling army trucks (4x4 and 6x6)…

Waiting for a sheetload of crawler stuff… it is the worst time over christmas and new year… and also from now until the Chinese new year in February… always stuff late from now until the middle of Feb badluck violin cry

Just some of my other madness… laughing%20(1)


I knew there was a reason I liked you @Calcifer


I can’t find a decent 4x4 dump truck… so see that there Tonka truck… it is being grafted onto a 1/10th HSP brushless buggy… so it is going to be one hell of a fast Tonka truck. It wont need to tip the dirt out… just hit full throttle and the dirt will stay put and fall on the ground eye%20boggling rofl

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You may need to put some steel plate for ballast on it :rofl:

So…fpv? Would be a top ground pounder with a switched dump action

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Give my 5 year old 10 minutes in that room…



I’ve got a cnc milling machine on order so I can make some cool bespoke blasters… So $40,000+ or so invested in my blaster obsession haha


You da man Marty… eye%20boggling first hail

The ultimate addict



where’s my m24 box then eh?

I have about 24 items in post…gen 9 mags, lonex bushes, M160 motors, yet another foregrip. I negotiated with the guy in US for the lonex low profile carbon steel bushes… only cost me $20au. IKR!

I thought I was bad waiting for 8, you sir are keeping Australia Post from having holidays lol

thats a serious hobby collection there, 3 of the same rc helicpoter?

Hey mate!
Great hobby(s) you have.
What is a crawling army truck?

They are not speed things, they climb up and over stuff… They can be upgraded, 2 speed gearboxes, locked diffs, steel drive shafts, steel gears, 370 motors… brushless motors etc etc etc laughing%20(1)

Don’t look too hard, they are addictive! violin


Yay! koolaid lick Some of my stuff arrived today… more to come thursday or friday pop

They are actually fun to sho0ot at with gel blasters… the gels knock the trucks, but don’t break them. Or, you can tie a balloon in the back and go for the balloon… excellent fun having like a 'machine g*n nest and a convoy of trucks try to pass about 15m away die%20dillon

Not my videos… kudos to their owners.


Slings, sling mounts, lasers, peqs, scopes, handgrips, barrels, springs, screws, spacers, shims, rails, t-pieces, o-rings. You know, all the usual stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally got one on the way for me (QBU88);

The Minister for Peace-War-&-Finance is waiting on an order of a bunch of (mainly external) parts to tart-up her Gen.9 M4, and a Beastpro Custom SCAR (Yes, the big black one)
The kids are waiting on 2x RX AKM’s an M97 and a Beretta 90-2…

As for the other expensive hobbies…


Do they come painted or do you do it?

Painted them myself; I am no Pro-Painter though

No that’s awesome, I’d love to take up a hobby like that.
Just don’t have the time🙁

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