Original "Dawn of the dead" weapons

The original dawn of the dead, is a classic horror movie.

A sequel to George Romero’s Night of the living dead, it was as much a satire of overt consumerism, as well as a disturbing zombie flick. Received critical acclaim, and was hugely financially successful.

Also, featured a whole lotta gvns…like, a lot.

Stumbled across this site today, which provides details, for all of them…

I really like the old revolvers, the single action jobbies, there is just something about old, but not quite antique, that I really like…

Of course, it has thommy gvns, m16’s ( or at least .22 versions thereof), and shotguns.
Tom Savini did the special effects for the movie ( he was a war photographer in the vietnam war, so saw a lot). He also had a cameo role as the leader of the bikies…

The movie is well worth a look,if you have never seen it before, and maybe starting a poll about what gel versions to bring in…?! …Vas…?!



At the very least, we need a decent, lever action, winchester gel rifle…


Bring it in for yourself. Judging by Vas’ last reply he’s not in a financial position to buy niche blasters. Not without ignoring the laws of the country and shipping them interstate.

I suspect, it would be easier to buy/import real steel, than try to buy/modify/import an a/soft version…
Still, i think that there would be very high demand, for a lever action gel winchester…

The IMFDB is like a bible to me (no offence to anyone’s belief structures)

Thanks to that database I discovered the wonderful Beretta M93 “Raffica” that was modified for Robocop.

Hmm :thinking: I wonder if there’s a jelly blaster of that?

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You could always go nerf


CEH is apparently getting in a Double Bell Winchester Repeater.

Which means ihobby probably is, too. Which also probably means a bunch of other retailers actually worth buying from will get it too.

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Thanks, didn’t see that.

Then again, I dont frequent their website… :grin:

Real wood, metal butt plate, looks very cool…