Other online outlets . Kogan, wish

Has anyone ordered from other online shopping outlets like aliexpress Kogan for upgrades as some gel blaster stores are getting abit heavy on simple products like o rings and Springs.

aliexpress has some excellent parts at cheap prices free shipping
Direct from china vendors are good too. Got 3 LDT pmags for $32au including shipping, silencer high quality for $25 instead of $50 these Aussie thieves want.
dunno about wish hear bad things so I avoid them. But most of all I avoid 90% aussie vendors. Exceptions are bruisemaster and another I keep secret. Apart from that
Aussie Vendors can kiss my ***
You hear that you thieving ***


Lol I’ve only been in the game for 1 month and have found plenty of stuff needed for upgrades in my dad’s garage. I do understand they need to make money but it is getting abit heavy for simple things. Even those “barrel stabalisers” like 8 dollars a piece I ended up buying 170 for 3 bucks from wish. I know the quality could be debated but they are coming from China also just like the stuff they sell in Australian outlets. Lol awesome comment dude.

right there with your for the most part spectre

it was me ****

i have had a bad run out of aliXpress but a m8 never has any issues…i just get him to do my ordering for me and ship direct to me.

as for quality…i’ve yet to receive anything less than i paid for…yes the $0.31 dc dc step downs were a little meh but…31c…i really wasn’t expecting much.

everything else (including parts i’m spec’ng out for a water cooled raspberry solution) is excellent value for money…note that is different to excellent quality but you can still get that from axp too

AU vendors are definitely having a laff at the consumer and with the advice some places are giving out i’ve taken a bit more of a snippy position on the locals too…

that said…there are a handful of local retailers i will back 100%. a couple who have never received a cent from me and continue to brain dump me when i need it! (and one who isn’t on here and i think they should be!)


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ya i get it **** I do get a bit pissy( can i say that)…


Nah I don’t believe it ?
You seem like the lemonade type :rofl:

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with EXTRA citric acid

meh…it happens when you get bent over in an unpleasant way.

Sounds like you have been bent over in an unpleasant way too many times you poor soul !
No man should be in such a position…
Unless he his name is Elton :rofl:

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Oh shit !!! Please don’t tell me you real name is Elton :blush:
I allways put my foot in my mouth :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m a lesb***

I like women


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no non concent here, although I’m sure Aussie vendors are ready to pump my wallet dry if i let them

I buy quite a lot in Australia and don’t mind paying a bit more as long as I get great service and backup plus correct advice but I refuse to support places charging ridiculous prices, have crap service and no clue about what they are supplying :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


one vendor wanted $20 shipping for a Kublai metal delta ring. the item was $19!

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zhenduo is on a halloween sale, month end sale! 30% off for 2 or more items, price is also good and free shipping for orders over $30 aud, checkout in aud instead of usd

And don’t you just love those sites that won’t display shipping prices until you have gone through checkout and given them all your information.

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One of my skillsets is coding…another workflow…

It annoys the sh*t out of me also but I understand why.

What really lights me though is when you do abcart order to find postage and then decide…nope…let’s not

And they troll you with…you didn’t finish your order for the weeks to come

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and the price in US$ until you go to pay ceazy

I hate deception killa

Hobbyking are the puts for that and I have ripped them a new one many times

And you don’t find out until you get to PayPal and the price is considerably higher than expected.

Annoyingly, still lower than local retail


Yes, I’ve found PayPal’s exchange rate is usually 2-3 cents lower than the official one.