Other terms / names when discussing our sport

so putting this out to everyone in the game community, most votes wins.

by now you are probably all aware of the issue with the usage of the AS term. Recent wider inputs suggest the GS term probably be avoided as more of a disassociation from the issues with AS in australia.

to that end, we’d like to implement an apt replacement word or phrase which would automatically replace those specific problematic terms.

the word “blaster” for instance could be automatically changed to and display as any of the terms below.

  • gelly blaster
  • fungible pellet chucker
  • sheeple herder
  • confetti tool

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If you want to promote an option that’s not here, message and it will get added.

what say you herd? how do you best describe what we do and what with?


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wow…forum is really dead atm…