Outdoor field on the north side of Brisbane

Hey all, I was just wondering if there is an outdoor venue somewhere on the north side of Brisbane.
I’m new to the sport and am looking for venues on the north side to play and learn.
I live not far from where Rapid Vantage is.


Dayboro as well. Try downloading the softops app mate

Yeah Donnybrook is an awesome field! Definitely worth checking out!

Mango Hill is good too.

My son and I frequent Donnybrook. It’s the same exit just north of Caboolture to go to Robinson Farms (Strawberries). Haven’t tried the other fields but I’ve always had a good experience at Donnybrook.

Oh, RE: Donnybrook. Take the Aeroguard. :wink:

Where in Mango Hill?

Come to Donnybrook, I need more targets :+1:

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It’s suburb next to Northlakes ten minutes up the road from Rapidvantage. It’s a paintball field that run gel sessions.