Outer barrel stable ring

hi guys,
just ordered and received this in the mail https://bigbosstactical.com.au/product/universal-metal-stable-ring-adaptor-suitable-for-19mm-outer-barrels/

but i’m not sure how it’s suppose to attach on? am i suppose to diy and drill holes into my outer barrel and tap it for the grub screws fit?

Ok so you assemble all the parts including the screws and hold it with 4 hands and slide it over the outer barrel to just inside the end of the handguard, you need to be able to access the screws through the holes in the handguard and adjust each screw evenly until the blocks move out and sit againt the inside of the handguard .


thank you,
i figured it was something like that, but it was so fiddly I just wanted to make sure.

You got that part right :grin: They can be a pita.
When I first got one, I thought wtf do I do with this?

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