Outer barrel thoughts and solutions

Hi everyone.
I’m working on my next build and have been trying to nut out how I want my front end to look and function. Surprisingly I’m finding the front end was the most difficult to set up with inner barrel protrusion, hopup, muzzle…until now…I found these!

Matched with this https://www.monkeemods.com/wbb/rizer-nt01-metal-outer-barrel-hopup?search=rizer
I can cut to exact length


Proof is in the pudding though

I’ve used carbon spars in multi rotors many times and weight dependant, you’ll benefit from a thicker carbon in terms of robustness

You REALLY don’t want to trip and land on your carbon spar as it shatters and impales you

Baaad juju

Oh, not all carbon is created equally either so it’s worth it to research and spend a little more on a spar that is going to be allot more shock proof

Still…don’t forget to send us blaster p0rn of your creation


oh i will. M16a2 will be a sexy beast. Decided to put a mosfet in as the trigger mech fails regularly.
Question. Has anyone bought the M16a2 handguard…if so what stable ring did you use to mount it on the receiver?