Overpowered for Gel Ball games?

Hi all,

I have built my first blaster and I am wondering what specs most people are running for skirmish. I have build an M4A1 and am concerned it may hit too hard (and obviously don’t want to hurt anyone) …I’m new to gel ball and wanting to put things into perspective…are the following spec normal game ready upgrades? What specs do people run when playing gel ball e.g (Nuketown and other unlimited fps feilds)?

My Specs:
1.3mm spring
GameMaster 7.2mm 35cm tight bore barrel
Metal gears
Alloy plunger
11.1v battery
Nylon gearbox
Green o-ring
ChiHai Blue Motor

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Wont be an issue. The voltage of the battery wont increase fps only rate of fire so will be safe there. The 1.3 spring is standard upgrade.
I wouldn’t recomend 11 volt but if you must have 11 volt I would recomend shimming the gearbox and using bearings instead of the supplied bushings.
Both of those things wont increase fps noticeably but will increase reliabilty.
I would also change the motor to a high torque one and change the wiring to the silver high current stuff and also the switch and a high C rating battery.
You could expect 240 to 280 fps with that setup, in my opinion the best for accuracy, distance and reliability.
Increase the spring and you will gain distance but loose reliability and accuracy, decrease the spring and you will gain accuracy and reliabilty but loose distance.

I think you are on to a winner, just be cautious of that 11v battery. Stick with 7v and you will still be happy and so will you gearbox.

Happy blasting

Woops just saw you already got a good motor.

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Hey Matth1000,

I forgot to mention I also upgraded the motor to ChiHai Blue Motor and shimmed the gearbox. I tried using 7v but the spring wouldn’t pull back. I’ll upgrade the wiring and installed bearings as suggested!

I was just worried about hitting someone with the gels, but it sounds like everyone is using similar upgrades? Presently a gel is punching through double corrugated cardboard.

U should be all sweet then.
No need to change the switch right away but something to keep in mind for later next time you have it all opened up.

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Dont be worried about hitting anyone, thats the aim of the game. As long as u wear eye pro then they wont cause any serious damage.
When I play outdoor with guys with 300fps+ blasters, they dont leave any welts because most of the time u are far enough away from eachother pmus i wear long pants and long sleeve.
At our infoor field there is a 300fps limit and even getting hit by a 200fps gel from less than 5m away in shorts and t shirt leaves a mark. Nothing serious but enough.

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I’d drop a titan MOSFET in your gearbox, and swap out the bushes or even if their steel bearings for ceramic bearings. best $200 I spent towards my blaster as MOSFET protects the trigger and increases trigger response, battery life, their programs or too. then go nuts push your Blaster to its absolute limits if you want and as it’ll be able to withstand it. but best avoid pointblank or headshots. I’ve had mine hitting to the point of breaking the skin. byt definitely worth getting into milsim

This might sound bad but hurting someone doesn’t really come into my decision process when building out a blaster. I always get shot with it (kids and wife love that part) before I use it on the field :rofl:

just read over my post again and can see I’ve unintentionally given the impression that I’m wanting to inflict pain to others. that wasn’t the image I was trying to paint. I had only mentioned the damage It can cause as reference to its capabilities and what it felt like maxxed out. my bad

I knew what you meant @Mr.milkman. appreciate the time you’ve spent sharing info with me.


Yer that’s not what I got out of it. I hear you but I’m suggesting it’s not a big deal since the gels do have a terminal force.

thanks bro appreciate it. more than happy to share some knowledge and learn more myself

200 to 300 is fine if you are worried get/lend a chrono or see some one at a field and test it i doubt it will do more than 280 it is the spring that really adds the punch so 1.3 is not too bad
i just change my spring to lower the fps in mine

some fields are unlimited :+1: