Oz blasters over priced

Anyone here had any difficulty with them? Was in their cairns store today and they tried selling me a kublai m4 for $599 (I own this ■■■ and paid $330) and I laughed at them, the lady claimed it was so expensive because it was the “upgraded version” which it wasn’t nor does a retail version come “upgraded” and boxes were factory sealed, I even went to the extent of showing her that her display model had a nylon pinion gear. Once I told her someone in her industry f’ed up and someone needed to adjust the price she wanted nothing to do with me.

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It is just about $160 AUD retail price in China .


They’re the exact blaster though right ?

Luke… it is nearly impossible to tell if any blaster/product from China is real or counterfeit… because they all copy each others copies of the genuine article. They even copy each others logos on the boxes… so, only opening a blaster up and seeing how thick the wire is or what gearbox is in it… even the thickness of the plastic (and color) can you tell if it is a real one or not

I can say tho… if a known/genuine blaster from a shop in Aus is $400… take off the $100 (at least) leaves $300… and you see a blaster the same… same looking, same name, same logo (except spelt wrong) … and it is $69.95… then it CAN NOT BE GENUINE.

But then, some Chinese sellers will use reverse psychology and sell their $69.95 blaster for $260 instead of the real ones being sold for $280 (which is probably fake too…) badluck

You simply can not tell from a pic or description if it is real or not… until you own it… you know the old saying… if it sounds too good to be true… loser

Check my (long) post in the thread link below… 7th post down re shops in Oz… :+1: pop

Mine is definitely real, kublai written on the gearbox and what not, thick wires, it’s just odd how everyone else is selling the exact same thing for the same price give or take $10 but out of nowhere oz blasters want $600. I’ve looked long and hard and I cannot find a more expensive version. I just want them to point out why they are charging that much for it, what’s different if it is for example and they have “no clue”

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If you read my short story (ok, novel) in the Noob thread… then you will know why shops expect us to pay twice the price for the same thing…

Shop owners are not in the shop to make friends…

I used to not shop on line (late starter) because I was in the habit of going INTO a shop, paying money and leaving the shop with what I paid for.

I have now long broken that habit… I am very prepared to go to a shop (or see something in a shop) then look for it on ebay.

An example… one day I walked into my post office and while waiting, I saw a microwave dish cover with magnets to hold it to the inside of the top of the microwave. You put a plate in the microwave, pull the cover off the top and put over the plate… zap the food, open the microwave, lift the cover up and it sticks to the top… remove the plate… It was $24.95

I thought “What a brilliant idea”… so I went home and looked on ebay… it was $6.95 delivered (yes 1/4 of the price. (they are $7.63 now? What a rip off!!) killa killbunny laughing%20(1)

My argument to them was that I could get it down the road for nearly half the price, I wanted to know why it was better then the one down the road and why I should spend the extra money. They had no idea. I just wanted to put it out there for new people to the sport/hobby not to go to them because of their ridiculous prices. 95% of their employees don’t know the difference between a gel blaster and an orange.

@Luke, I just had a look at their website. This is the heading on their “rifle” selection page.


A rifle is a portable, long-barrelled firearm designed for long-range precision shooting, to be held with both hands and braced against the shoulder for stability …

Does this description fit any gel blaster you know of? Long range precision shooting?
Mate, it’s no wonder they want so much for the Kublai :rofl:

And check their addresses - the one in Surfers wouldn’t be the shop featured on A Current Affair’s program from last month would it?

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We have a store just like that in Mackay :zipper_mouth_face:
Thankfully now we have two :+1:

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If you’re referring to the one in Shakespeare St, I have to agree. They had a stall at BigBoysToys expo last month, and I asked the bloke there if they modified blasters, or just sold them. I thought if they worked on them, they might have had stock parts left over ( was after some front parts for a Wells ).

He didn’t answer for a few seconds, then said “ah, no. But we could get someone to do mods for you”

The M4A1 shop may be a little more knowledgeable, I haven’t been in there.

They have a few guys employed from Mackay working at M4a1 but they are way better than the one in Shakespeare st.
I don’t use any of the repair facilities they offer.

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That’s the spirit. We can make a big enough mess of things ourselves, without paying someone else to.


Mate if you ever need any help or any advise just give me a shoutout, I don’t do paid work but I know my way around most blasters and like helping others :+1:


Thanks for the offer.

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The cairns store, but yes everything about the website and store, run by monkeys hahaha

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Monkee mods out of Malaysia are pretty good but you might need the import papers to order a receiver.