P1, is it a go!

Hi , how is your p1 going , me , learning heaps, yesssss, keeping it clean , it’ll work well, ammo is a head rub, Akas ummmm , does it need to be fresh ??? Or does it fall to peace’s , other gell ammo, any tips !!! And gell soak time ???.

Using a p1s from RPM, the gold milkies included aren’t too bad, just have to be careful loading. Can easily cut the last gel. Got to give the lip in my mag a bit of a file and polish as I think it’s got a burr on it. Got to make up from fresh AKAs to try too

Rowan from RPM did a good live stream on Sunday in the RPM community page that went through areas to polish for improved function.

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Hi , l looked for the live stream video on the Facebook site , wasn’t there , I’ll look on their web site.

You have to join the rpm tech shop community private group. He posted it there

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Yeah metal slide and it wouldn’t hurt to get some stronger spring’s for the blowback housing

Command elite have some parts for the p1
They come in a pair :+1::+1:

Would I be able to buy the springs needed from bunnings? CEH seems to be sold out. I need the two tiny ones for the back and the bigger one for the barrel.