P1 & P1S wear and tear thread

So the xtp chaps don’t need to hear us waffle on.

Open chatter for P1/S wear and tear pickles and things to check and fix.

So far I’ve noticed slide lock which I suspect is barrel tilt but old matey suggests plunger assy…

I have the occasional jammed tell which is around 7.5mm aka. the 7.3mm aka feed perfectly

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What is barrel tilt. I must check this on mine. I have a heavy silver slide and you can visibly the plunger staying forward and not retracting after shots. Getting stuck.

I’m collecting maintenance and tweak vids

Deals with barrel tilt in its most common causes.

Stuck plunger…have you pulled it down to service it

It may have bits of gel I. There or other grit

I have done but maybe I didn’t do the best job. I will retry and let you know my results. If you need a spare plunger I could maybe help you out when mine come.

At this stage I’m FOB as of Saturday so still finding the pain points and looking at options

The front return spring is definitely on my list but dual stage of single and why… :thinking:

Trigger tweaks, easy as, on the list. Hammer spring, sure, why not :rofl:

Everything else is unknown ATM.

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I have no idea what you are talking about. Lol. Tell me more.

Lmfao. And I’m the noob

The slide spring. There is an upgraded stainless option with dial stage. I’m not sure why or any benefits but forcing the slide back faster Seema to be obvious

I’ll be making the trigger allot more responsive. Not hair trigger but twitchier and maybe heavier to avoid it accidentally going off in my face and such

The hammer spring is a common one. I hear to allow for overcharged mags.

Still getting to know the beast

Installing a stronger slide return spring will create a better seal between the nozzle and barrel entrance

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So I’ve been looking into the slide lock

Ruled out barrel tilt in our units as the outer moves rather freely and the proposed test routine doesn’t show it to be the issue

So I pulled down the blow back assembly

Nothing to see there perse. The plastic assy leaves a bit to be desired in terms of quality finish but nothing obvious.

So…onward…and more looking.

I noted the slide stops basically where you see the wear point at the back of the GBB unit on the right as you look at the image.

So onward to the disassembly of the hammer unit…

At the end of it all, I’m not sure if I’ve fixed it but it wasn’t much of a prevalent issue for me to begin with

That lump on the GBB unit is responsible for running over the hamer wheel and receiving the sear catch just enough that the hammer comes up completing the return of the slide…

At least as far as I understand the mechanism

Now…things I did do

  • Lubricate the hammer wheel and shaft
  • Clean and lube the piston cup and cylinder which is D shaped
  • Lubricated the gbb piston return spring

Things I didn’t do but should have maybe done

  • DON’T: Trimmed the hammer spring so it doesn’t extend up behind the hammer wheel. The spring is a source of rotation friction - UPGRADE the hammer wheel instead. its important to not you can put the hammer spring in upside down and back to front
  • POINTLESS: Bend the hammer spring to loosen it slightly - KUBLAI are just a little different enough in this housing to make any trigger spring bending pointless since it pinches in the corner of the bend and doesn’t leverage on the arm of the bend

If our problem is this lump and wheel, then reducing friction and spring tension should resolve it. I’m not keen to flatten the hump as it may completely balls up the hammer release from the sear.

And that’s some fiddly shit

Things I will replace

  • Slide return spring. It might actually resolve the slide lock all by itself - not doing this any more either. a heavier spring will slow cycle rate and increase effort to move the slide wasting gas.
  • If I can get a nice metal GBB cylinder and plunger… definitely
  • Nozzle with an o’ring if the exist

Note to self…do not disassemble hammer assembly without legitimate need…and two fkn thumbs

What ever you don’t flatten that hump
It’s meant to be there
There’s an upgraded hammer bearing that will help with that

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I’ll just leave these here for you guys to look at :drooling_face:


Already ordered mine + xtp​:partying_face::partying_face::+1:

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The difference is…we have ours :rofl:


Hammer bearing for sure

The p1s has a full metal hammer assy

I really can’t see how even the densest nylon would last in that assembly

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assuming you’ve done the p1s slide swap, how did you get the front site out?


There should be a little screw underneath the site
The return spring bracket will slide out making it easier to access the screw :+1:

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It’s flat :frowning: and I can’t get purchase on it

Definitely a threaded one though needing a specific tool…it’s on order

Spewing too because in trying to get I’d off I’ve upset the surrounding nylon which will bone me for stock slide resale :rofl:

Now I need a friggin nozzle but can’t seem to find stock. It’s been a week alright

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I am not living it…terribly disappointed

Hamish is a sad panda

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