P1-s won't shoot?!

Racking my brain here. I’ll give you the rundown -

When I first got my P1-S, I filled it with Top Gas and went to fire - click - nothing. I then tried it with the 134a gas that it came with, and it worked no problem.
It also worked with a very small amount of Top Gas in there, like, if I filled it a TINY bit, it would get off like 5 shots.

Decided to upgrade the hammer and hammer springs with a CNC kit from Zhenduo, and I thought I’d replace some o-rings in the mag, too. Did all that today, now it won’t fire with 134a OR the Top Gas. It’s definitely striking the mag valve (EDIT: Realised its not actually striking it at all, didn’t look inside it with a proper torch), but doesn’t seem have enough force to actually press it in. Been looking online around a1rsoft forums and what not but can’t find anyone with similar issues or solutions.

Anyone else have anything similar happen and can point me in the right direction? I’m going to keep tinkering, but I’m pretty damn stumped.

i have a p1s in that same bucket and a couple of other annoyances.

there are youTubes about the hammer assy, light strike and striker lift that i recommend watching.

not one in particular but all of them because you may have one of, or a number of issues with the new hammer assy.

i found that after installing the CNC hammer assy i had a valve clearance issue.

even the smallest of contact with the mag valve will balls up the knocker strike action

Looking further into it, the hammer and valve don’t even line up :rofl:
It strikes the actual mag just under the valve. Seems to be legit nothing I can do, except play “what will fit better with what?” with the OG kit and the CNC parts

I been looking at mine to see if answers are there.
I have a P1S that I purchased 2nd hand which already had a bunch of stuff soaked into it, including a CNC Hammer Assembly (unknown mfg / origin) as well as a spare. Thankfully mine spins like a top. I’ve had a look at the Assembly in and out of the P1S today as I’m about to dump all the bits into a Strike ARK-17 Frame, hopefully everything flows smoothly. I’m hoping you figure your issue out, no doubt you will. A puzzle you might have and as you say trying this part with that until all lined up and everything’'s a go good luck.
I’m running mine so far at least on this Gas

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Tried some different combos from the OG hammer and the CNC hammer kit, nothing is working. No matter what I try, the hammer won’t align with the mag valve. Driving me absolutely bonkers. I can barely make sense of why it’s doing it.

I wish I had another P1 to compare.

I’m starting to wonder if I got a faulty magazine, maybe the valve is too low down on the body. Don’t want to fork out $80 for a mag that might not be the issue - but if it is the issue, I don’t want to fork out money to a tech for him to tell me “you need a new mag” :sob:

THANK GOD I bought a Golden Eagle 1911A1 which is working flawlessly. Best thing I’ve purchased in the hobby so far BY FAR.

Anyone know any good GBB techs (specifically P1 techs) I can pass it to who can possibly have a look? Cheers!

the p1s and the p1 are rather different in the slide.

just mentioning it.

lowers are the same.

got some pics of your knocker alignment?

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https://youtu.be/JMPSuXG1uG4 here is a little video, sorry its a bit unfocused at parts, not good at videography :rofl: you can see when I fire it, the hammer slides off and sits above the valve.

your valve knocker doesn’t look like it is retracted when you put your mag in.

ideally there should be nothing of the knocker beyond the hammer assy housing when its retracted.

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Check out https://youtu.be/xX0hCOAjLt8 from about the 14minute mark

Seems like either missing/broken spring or might be not aligning parts perfectly. As Above the knocker isn’t retracting so when firing doesn’t move forward to strike the mag valve

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It does retract though, after I cock it back manually with no slide, the knocker retracts, then when I fire, it goes forward, but it misses the valve and goes above it. Is it supposed to retract when putting the mag in? Mine just moves up and sits on the outside on top of the valve

Maybe I need a better video :rofl:


perhaps its my eyes that are the issue.

same question though…with the knocker retracted, does any of it enter the mag well?

It enters like half a mil into the magwell, should I try filing the knocker down until it isnt sticking out at all when retracted?

how much travel do you have overall?

there is the possibility that filing it down may leave you with not enough to press the exhaust valve

may…unlikely…but worth checking before you break out the grinder

Okay, we have progress! Instead of filing down the knocker, I thought id tighten the mag valve which made it go deeper in, giving the valve enough clearance to go past the knocker. This worked great, for the first time I was finally shooting my P1S on green gas!

Up until I filled the mag fully with gas (as opposed to my usual 1 second squirt for testing to not waste gas), which made the mag valve protrude even further out because of the extra pressures. Going to start filing a tiny bit at a time then testing it out. I’ll use the shitty stock knocker so if I do mess it up, at least it isn’t the CNC one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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And overall, theres 3mm of travel

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