P90 and MP7 v3 gearbox

Can anyone tell if the P90 gearbox will fit into the Bing Feng MP7 .
The P90 gearbox seems to have better motor which can be replaced or up graded.
All help appreciated

Pretty sure they are compatible

Any news on it fitting I to am curious. The motor cage and lower part of gear box ( bevel /pinion) is alot bigger then mp7 and won’t sit flush in mp7 case?? Please prove me wrong :smiley:

The MP7 needed cutting on the top rail as the P90 motor and gearbox is bigger than the original but the locating holes are the same and just swap out the T pieces.

Aww man, if it doesn’t fit make it fit! Haha thanks bro saved me lots of stress!!

Rusing it tomorrow will let you know how it goes

Used it yesterday played with it for about 2 hours straight, ran no problems, shot very straight and quite hard . Hit harder than MP7 it is now a MPP97.


Very nice work.
At least you can up grade with Gen 8 parts.
I have some spare metal gears and piston to put in soon.

That was going to be my next question, so gen 8 gears will fit? Do the SHS ones fit? Mine currently does 220 fps at 27 ros

As far as i know the P90 takes all gen8

How did you cover the opening on top

I haven’t covered it yet my plan is to cover it with a peace of Alloy plate I have laying around. Then maybe put a rail on top.

It’s a versatile gearbox.
I put 1 in a MAC5 some time ago.

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Where is the mag in that and how does it feed?

Mag is top slide-off piece which holds a lot of gels.
This suits P90 which is top-fed and virtually drops in.
Needs tweaking to move feed hole further back if you want to use a decent length barrel.

So what’s the mag at the bottom? Just for looks? How well does the top mag feed?
I was thinking of getting one for mucking around with - I’m guessing it’s very cheap plastic as it’s been out for a while?

This was initial build.
Moved everything back later to allow for a longer barrel. It also made it more balanced.

Feed is good until the last 20-30 gels.
They’re back in stock for about $35 which includes a P90 inside already.
The rear removable mag is empty. Lots of possibilities there, e.g. battery to power motor, LEDs.
Similarly, the nacelle in front of the top mag has tons of room for whatever, IR, camera, etc.
There is space for a shot-counter at the rear of the top mag and a detachable torch under the barrel up front.

Basically, it’s up to the imagination.