P90 v3 mosfet help

Hi guys new to gell blasters but just wondering I have just bought a better motor 11.1v battery metal gears and a bigger spring plus plunger upgrade however I want to install a mosfet in my p90 to lower fire rate so my battery last longer and I don’t chew through mags so quick so my question is what mosfet do I put in cheers

You’d need something with a ROF option which I think puts you in Leviathan territory

T238 programmable, just don’t
Perun optical, would let you adjust round count which would meet your needs but not ROF

You could try not holding the trigger in for so long :rofl:

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Use 7v instead of 11v - 7v can deliver same amps and lower the rate of fire (How many gels per second) but still have the feet per second speed for each gel ball :wink:

get a slower motor bro

Yeah but I’m chasing a longer play time between battery changes I think the slower motor thing is a good idea but cheers for your advice anyway

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And also what fet would suit the p90

FPS is controlled by the spring… the voltage/motor only dictates the ROF.

The motor/battery has to have the grunt to compress the spring to create the firing. Many people have tried putting in a heavy spring and the stock 2S motor (LiOn) stalls trying to cycle the gearbox.

A QUALITY LiPo 2S battery, heavy enough wiring, a strong , high torque motor running on 2s would make a great blaster with a ROF about the same as stock… and best of all, mags wouldn’t empty so quick 205qlh4 laughing%20(1)