Paint and upgrades done!

And done! For now anyway…

From the top…


  • 45cm alloy barrel
  • Rizen hop-up
  • metal trigger
  • M90 unequal spring
  • green o-ring
  • custom suppressor / hop-up guard / barrel support
  • 3D printed fore-grip
  • 3D print torch holder (with mini-torch)


  • 40cm alloy barrel
  • Rizen hop-up
  • M90 unequal spring
  • green o-ring
  • custom suppressor / hop-up guard / barrel support
  • 3D printed torch holders (and torch)
  • under-barrel red-dot laser

JM M4 (gen 8):


Hey is the scar and acr nylon or metal gears?

They look great, I’m yet to add paint to mine, seeing more and more done I’m getting keen.

What blasters? All I see is a patch of dirt :joy:…Nice job mate!


SCAR has standard gen 8 internals. ACR has standard gen 9 internals (which 8 believe are nylon).

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Thanks… Amusingly, it’s easier to see against the dirt than it was against it the pebble finish driveway!

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Really nice work, they look sweet! :+1: the camo on that SCAR is particularly cool.

Which brand paint did you use? I’ve painted a few with Tamiya paint but it seems to wear off quickly on the grips and feels just a bit tacky even after a week or two.


Bloody awesome, I’m jealous and might copy one or two of your techniques.


@AussieByrd Nice job. If you were a Qualified Professional Painter then I would say 'Well Done" If you were instead someone who just picks it up and gives it a shot, then i would say “I tip my hat to you”. Well done and thank you for sharing with the rest of us chuckleheads. Paint on man.

Read in Sergeant Shultz’s voice. “I…See… Nothing!!!”

Some of the Hunting Camofaluge out there is crazy, it’s insane, far greater in effectiveness than Military Grade, why?, the dollars, the patents, the contracts, the tenders, the never failing Government fuck ups, yep, the dollar

And here is some further inspiration for yours & everyone’s next custom paint job. It is as simple as gathering a handful of clean and dry Pine Needles and 3 coats of spray paint applied at different times in the sequence. From hardware store spray cans right through to Duracoat specialised finishes, Mild to Wild. Search “Rattle Can Pine Needle Camo Tutorial” and surely you will become a pro at that technique if you so choose to in no time.

As for me the only thing I can spray is the toilet bowl.

“People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf”

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Mostly Rustoleum 2X (which I love), some White Knight acrylic for colours I can’t get in the Rustoleum (the White Knight is so-so—I’d replace with Rustoeum Camo colours if it weren’t over twice the price around here). It’s generally touch dry in about 15 mins, good for handling in about an hour or so… though apparently not fully set for a few days on plastic (according to the cans). Did stay weirdly tacky forever on the “rubber” pad on the stock on one blaster though.

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Cheers… haven’t used Rustoleum yet for camo, sprayed basic black before and it seemed to work well. I’ll give it a go. :+1:

The only thing I’m nervous about is spraying the very pretty ACOG I have on my M4… dunno why, I’m prepared to spray a couple of hundred bucks worth of nylon :rofl:

Understandable… the 2X has “built-in” primer which seems to help (especially when you’re too lazy to prime separately like me).

Yeah, I found with the topcoat and primer in one you have to be lighthanded or you lose some detail.

But with Tamiya costing $13 for a tiny can, big cans of Rustoleum’s looking good :+1:

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Looks great well done!!

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If you have problems with Rustoleum staying tacky on some plastics, then the trick is to put a couple of coats of Dy-Mark Etch Metal Primer first. (bunnings have it)
The Rustoleum paint is awesome and it’s the only one I use. The etch primer it a great base coat when you want to have the Rustoleum stick to almost anything and always dry perfect.


Thanks @Arty_Marty, I had the issue on the rubber stock-pad of the M4, but have mostly avoided painting that “rubbery” stuff since. That’ll be good to know.

Thanks @SlingShot. I’m definitely NOT a pro! (as can be seen when you look closely the the marks of my laziness). I used a similar technique to the pine needles one for the “stripey” SCAR pattern—only using skinny leaves from a bush in my garden (and doing the layering all in one hit—see lazy (or just impatient—or 'time-poor dad :slight_smile:) above).

Similar techniques for the other two as well—plastic gutter-guard for the pattern on the ACR (thanks to the random guy at Mango Hill Gellball for the inspiration), and a diamond patterned plastic tray I had at home (plant tray maybe?) for the M4.

I sometime add a light—sometimes ‘spurty’ to get light speckling—overspray at the end to ‘blur’ things a little.


Hey AussieByrd,

Thanks for the thanks. NOT a pro hey, if you were closer than a continent away I would hire you in a sec to inject your work into my build/s, amateur by definition no more. PRO STATUS ACHIEVED.

Like I said in my post the only thing I can spray is the toilet bowl, and I’m having second thoughts about that statement now anyways.

School me, learn me, teach me and the other boneheads how you do it so.
Blasters are cool, yep there I said it, sorry weaponry, but are only few & new to the scene. When searching for inspiration for painting patterns & techniques, for balance of chosen platform, for ergo layout, for, for, for, almost anything & everything, I, with love in my heart for these “piston pumpin’ pneumatics” usually search real steal equivalents on Images first, always. The amount of the material far supersedes Blasters and then the relevant info can be transposed onto the Blaster in need before you.

Preaching to the choir on this one, but maybe someone, even if just one, can refine there Blaster a little more, and a little more to their liking. When was the last time we took hold of a Blaster and said “You know what, I like this baby just the way she is” nope, "Where’s the hex drivers, oi, woman/man bring me my O-ring collection, no not the greens, the new and improved super fucking dooper brown ones, thank you.

On ya Byrdy, and don’t go placing them on the ground out back, you may never locate them again"

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