Painting a Blaster

Hi guys, just wanting some tips and info about painting a blaster. I’m assuming you use spray paint or a spray ■■■, but do you use a primer first for materials like nylon and plastic. Do you sans the surface first? What do you recommend to protect the paint one complete, just a clear coat? Thanks.

Here;s my receiver getting an update to the paint job yesterday.

I use Dulux DuraMax Plastic Primer

and top coat is Rustoleum Camoflague Desert Sand.


I just give a quick clean with a grease remover and then mask up and prime. Finished product here:



Very nice, do you use some sort of clear coat or protective coat? Or is that paint durable enough?

So far I haven’t used any clear coat but might do that after a few more matches depending on how it wears

The final result



3 coats of each color, hour drying time between, used a sponge dipped Nickel paint for the scratches, 3 coats of Matte clear at the end to seal it.


That’s awesome. I’m going to try the nickel paint for adding some wear patches around the mags, mag well and trigger.

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yeah i really dig the “distressed” look.
youtube has all the goods :wink:


How did people ever learn stuff before Google and Youtube :thinking:


Here are some things I’ve learnt about painting and wear resistance.
Painting aluminium can be a nightmare as it scratches off easy.
Best option for that is anodising, which can be done at home and is fun to learn and a good skill to have. It also actually forms a very hard protective layer on the aluminium that is stronger than bare aluminium.
If you’re going to paint however, one thing I have found that is amazing is using an etch primer first. That sticks to metal really well, and paint sticks to it really well.
I haven’t tried this on nylon or plastic, but it should work on there well too.

Also sanding stuff lightly before painting is always better.

Another trick for pvc type plastic (and some others) is using pvc pipe primer joining fluid. It actually melts / softens the plastic a bit. Once it evaporates off however, the plastic is back to normal.
Cool eh? So here is the trick part.
Say you have white pvc. You get the clear primer fluid from bunnings.
Then you put some organic based dye in it ie black. Has to be organic based dye so it mixes in. It’s the sort of dye they use to colour petrol etc.
Now you dip your plastic in the mixture and take it out, let it dry and go hard again.
Now the colour is part of the plastic. Even if you scratch it, it’s still black underneath unless it’s a deep scratch. It also gives a good matt finish that paint sticks to well.
And no brush marks or dribbles.
Just don’t breathe in fumes while you do it (standard safety stuff)
Also don’t touch it while soft, and don’t try and wipe it off if you get it where you don’t want it because you’ll leave a mark.
Test on scrap plastic first to make sure what you have is compatible.

embrace mistakes, that’s where you learn :slight_smile:


@BulletMagnet is that a weyland yutani logo? Can’t zoom in enough on my phone.


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No, WCKD from Maze Runner

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The stock and pistol grip are done with etch primer, the receiver, suppressor and front grip I used plastic primer. Will be interesting to see if there is much difference to wear over time. One of these days I’ll buy some matt clear to go over the top of everything, that should increase durability.

So how do you anodize at home? that would be cool.

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That rustoleum is the best paint… it is just a shame the colors are limited… I use rustoleum on all my plastics with the rustoleum primer and rustoleum clear (if needed)

I uses to use other paint cans on metal car parts… but they would scratch off easily… once I discovered rustoleum… it would dry fast and then you couldn’t chip the paint with a cold chisel! Strong stuff.Just be aware that rustoleum has different can ranges. I generally use their brand code 2X which is paint and primer in one… or the gloss protective enamel (needs undercoat) because sometimes there is a small color difference… this pic is my yellows… one is 2X the other GPE… the GPE is a nicer yellow (IMO)

For any lighter color, I use white undercoat to make the color pop… for dark colors, grey undercoat is fine. For vehicles (models) I start with white primer, then dust with gray primer, then sand using the gray as a guide coat.

Rather than one thick coat on things like blasters, do 3 or 4 light coats… thick coats fill textures and small details and you risk runs and thick patches that don’t dry properly.

Wash plastic in cheap dishwashing mixture… like a cap of dishwashing liquid (Dawn, woolies el cheapo) that doesn’t have a residue to make your hands soft (“You know you’re soaking in it Madge!”) and dry thuroughly. Plastics all come with a mold release agent… I like to scrub the parts for painting in a tub with a little detergent, using a scourer quite vigorously… then leave it to dry and ‘air’ out… what the experts call ‘gassing out’ … make sure it is really dry (leave it over night) then prime with a few light coats…

If you dont get rid of the mold release agent, the paint will not stick, or can get fish eyes (Translation for NZers “Fush eyes”) laughing%20(1) :+1:


Oh, and the whole reason for the above short story (AKA: Novel :crazy_face:) was to say, I get Rustoleum paint from my local ‘Paint Place’ for $12 - $16 walk in walk out. If you have a paint place near you, check them out. pop


Thanks @Calcifer, great advice!
Johnsons baby shampoo is also great for cleaning as it doesn’t leave a residue and have perfumes and crap in it. Also use it when putting on window tinting etc…

I’m just thinking the wealth of knowledge in this forum is really amazing. I wish I didn’t live so far away from everyone, would be great to hang out and make stuff together. If anyone ever comes down to Melbourne later this year I should have my new workshop operating. Visitors welcome! :blush:


I am basically pretty dumb… I learned what I know from the interwebs and the intertubes… plus forums like these. I must say that this particular forum is very good… very few ego’s and everyone happy to help.

I am very happy to be here hail :+1:


I think I’m just going to get you lot to do my painting when I run out of real upgrades to do…


How do you want them? Black? Matt black? Gloss black with matt black trim? Matt black with gloss black trim? Purple? badluck :grin: