Painting a Blaster

I’ve thought about black, dark grey and light grey digital camo for my little FN project blaster… just when I think I’m done with it something comes along to inspire me to do something different. :laughing:

Oh it IS a deep rabbithole indeed…

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I did a bit of a white highlight fade around the stenciled areas using an airbrush and I think that really helped to give it some pop.


It sure does :heart_eyes:

damn, I knew there was something I always wanted…now I have to get an airbrush…and…learn how to use it LoL Very nice work there. What I read was alway use three colours on Digital cam, so you did that in a very neat way. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I just showed my missus and she said is that from Minecraft. :sweat_smile:

Not blaster related but that’s viable too. Black grey and white

Thought I’d make it easier to keep track of which mags are mine :joy:


I have been working on my own little idea similar to yours but not on the mag. Hand painted an image of my last call-sign on active service, which is also my online moniker.


Hey @Spartan19 just woundering with your stencils you made using labeling paper can you just buy that from office works? I’m also assuming like just like a sticker so the stencil stays in place while you paint?

Officeworks will sell them in a full box load, that is a lot of sticky paper and expensive too.
News agencies sell them by the sheet, so you just buy what you need and a spare or two :wink:
I am not sure, post offices might also sell them, but whether in bulk or single I cannot say, the other two, I can from experience.
Yes, but be sure to have your first colour down before the first stencil and let it dry well. Climate will be a big factor. here I had to wait two days before the next stencils and layer. We were in a cold spell. Friggen cold… If humid, you need a dry warm to hot place.
Hang the blaster parts if you can, I used the sling fitting and a wire coat hanger bent into shape. Lightly coat the parts and wait about 10 minutes, then again with another light pass at differing angles. Try to stay 30cm away and do not be tempted to colour in a place too quickly.! L
Let dry again and put your final stencils on, they can overlap old ones at any time, then spray your final colour and let dry.
Removing the stencils is tricky, sometimes it may require a steady hand and razor or a craft knife to cut the paint around the stencil. Gently pry up with the point or corner of the razor and peel away slowly, if a tear starts, then put the razor under and try to lift in the direction of the tear.
The last layer is generally the worst, just when you think it has all been going smoothly, it lifts off your base colour. Stop immediately, try to minimise the damage by checking the paint is cut free and pry the stencil away. You may even have to start from another side, that is why I suggest the first stencils are not large but many small ones.

Good luck, steady hand, light spraying and lots of patience

Here is another way to do the stencil making.

Very good, two for the one go. Thx Simon_A

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Hey mate, I used a vinyl cutter to do my stencils. If you have any particular graphics in mind then I may be able to help you out. It removes quite easily and provides really clean lines and is fairly easy to apply.

I’ve found those Rustoleums to be good too, though I don’t see any pink in there!

This is my version of tactical camo. Let’s be real, the AK always lends itself to stupid paint jobs :wink:

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They should give one of those away with the Dulux tins instead of the jellybeans :smiley::+1:


I’ve been wanting to do something interesting to my vector, too much real estate not to mess with


SAS and LRDG used pink. very manly
images (2)


That there be an SAS pink panther I believe.
Pink was found to be the best for desert cammo, especially at dusk.

Take care.

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