Part hunting for ACR

couple exterior build in mind, however some parts are avaliable some parts are not :thinking:

SPR build : the Magpul PRS butt stock is avaliable, the long hand guard (circled) is not :sneezing_face:

Standard rifle / carbine build : the circled standard ACR but stock is not available :sneezing_face:

Enhanced rifle / carbine build : only build with all parts avaliable which is the stock that came with the J10, and the 3 sided short metal rail… but tbh not a big fan of that short metal rail :sneezing_face:

has anyone seen either one of those circled part avaliable for J10 anywhere?

I swear I saw that handguard in my local m4a1! Of a very similar style!

the one i circled?
i wouldn’t be surprise, there are some ACR handguard / buttstock design adapted to AR-15 platform
but on a gel blaster i don’t think so,
at lease i have not seen one during my part hunting for m4a1 parts

Wrong colour maybe but similar style?

arh no no, that’s not it
the circled one is actually the same design as the standard handguard on J10, and nylon too
but longer, about the same length as the one in the pic

i have thought about using that metal handguard with AR style butt stock conversion tho,
but with that kind of cost (total about 300 just on parts), i might as well just buy a M4A1 LOL

And there is you answer :rofl:
Buy one you know you want to


the problem is, the one i want is not avaliable on gel blaster :sweat_smile:
and i am not gonna spand 300 to make my ACR look like a AR platform (and the butt stock adaptor quality is questionable…) when i can get a m4a1 for half that :sneezing_face:

You know if you spent only half the time building as you do typing you would be an expert by now :rofl:
You might aswell buy one anyway just so you have the experience with one yeah, make sense ? My logic is sometimes messed up but I have a lot of fun :star_struck:


u mean a M4A1?
i brought a broken gen9 on ebay dirt cheap, owner said the gel falls out with no pressure behind it,
so i am gonna fix that up and yah, thats that :joy:

and i can’t be building coz the parts from china takes forever to arrive :sweat: :sweat:
but i get what u mean :sweat_smile:


I think Ryan was rereferring to M4A1 gel blaster shops Oz wide.

But yes get an M4. There are many and some use different magazines which sucks balls :rofl:

No STANAG in gel world :wink:


When you are done with the acr next step is to buy the new jinming j12 ak74u, mmmmmmm. short . Sweet. Probably really hard to work on just like the j11 ak47 (you need two of these).


was never a big fan of AK series :sweat_smile:
if anything, i wanna save up and wait for a proper pistol type
P1 looked really promising, would be interesting to see if they bring out a baretta or a colt

Correct mate, m4a1 gel blaster shop. Sorry I shoild have specified but that handguard I posted a photo of, they stock to suit ACR.

Have you started paying @Rattler for his time yet??
I heard he likes Jim Beam??:rofl::beers:


Should I just ship a bottle over or :smirk:?


Black Label please :+1:
If it wasn’t so expensive I would bathe in the stuff :rofl:


Oh u into johnny too :joy: :ok_hand:

No that stuff will kill you !

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Oh right, how much a bottle?