PEQs? Differences


I’m looking to buy one for my m4, but there seems to be 2 levels of pricing. Even at the same stores.
Haven’t had an answer from them, but was wondering if anyone had any experience.

Looking here there is no info about the possible difference.

Just wondering if one is better built than the other.


The higher priced ones probably have IR lasers rather than visible. The cheapest ones are usually just dummies. I’ve got a dummy one on order for my M4 as I want to move the battery to the front and out of the buffer tube (AEG style).


I got one of these for $50.

Good luck.

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Yes, that might be the case. Thanks

I’ve decided to go for a more expensive one, and see if there is anything particularly different about it.

Received my PEQ from asftAsia.
Very impressed! Looks and feels very authentic. At least like I would expect a real one to be.
It is all aluminium too. No plastic at all.

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Mate can you post a link to the one you got and a photo or two :pray:

Here’s the one I bought.

I can post some pics later.

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Here’s some pics.


Nice, a DBAL-A2 model. Have ordered a LLM01 myself (laser light module).
Does the elevation & windage adjustments work ok for the laser ? I also have a DBAL-PL copy, well made but the laser adjustments are total crap.