Per order will be gone soon for BF QBZ97 and BF QBZ95 DEMON


Pre order from where?

Haha yeah, more info would be good.

The only place I could find them was

Nice find! But I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to use that site on mobile. Doesn’t seem to be a menu or anything to browse.

I had the same issue lol
Try this

Does anyone know where to order one or if they are even available yet ?

Here ya go:

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Cheers for that mate.

Hey mate do you know if its safe buying them off eBay? Do you think it will arrive?

Yeah, it’s shipped locally so should be fine.
I always pay with PayPal using a credit card.
That way if it doesn’t arrive, you can ask PayPal to refund you. 99% of the time they will.
And if they don’t, you have a second layer of protection because you can use your credit card purchase protection… :grin:

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I’ll let you know Wedsnesday/Thursday, i ordered one last night. Aussie post tracking is saying it’s on the way.


Well she rocked at lunch time today on time. Must say fast shipping,

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Let me know what you think of it

For what it is it’s not to bad. Getting 210-220 fps, fire rate not to bad with the 7.4 v battery about 20 m distance roughly maybe more was using old milkies. Nice weight for it’s size and feels sturdy enough. Takes Gen 8 mags and a nice firm fit, mag primer works well… Rails would have been a nice addition on the front end. Add a 1.2 spring, a green O’ring, alluminium barrel plus a hop up and she would be a decent CQB blaster. I’m reasonably happy with it for the price I paid. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I think it would be a good blaster for a first one. This one will be a project blaster for me.

Cheers WhiteYeti.

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Ok I stand corrected on the mag, the Gen 8 mag doesn’t sit high enough the terminals don’t make contact. Maybe a slight mod to the mag or stretch the terminals should work. Although I tried a War Intrest mag for the Glow gels and it worked perfectly. So for me as Shrek would say " That’ll do Donkey "

Cheers WhiteYeti.

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Found a weak point, the mag release. Be carefully when pulling apart. When I split the case I must of removed it at a slight angle and release broke.

Trying to find one is a pain in the back side might be easier to get one printed.

That will not print very well. 3d printed stuff is not very strong and will certainly break, OR flex too much.

That is just an L shape part right?

Time to impress yourself and realise you can do way more than you think.

Just get a bit of aluminium or steel from bunnings, cut that shape out a little bigger than you need and file it down.

If you use a vernier gauge to measure the original and the part you’re making as you go, it will be easy.

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Bit the bullet and bought one anyone have an idea what hop up would be best for this?