Performance issues plz help

Hey guys I am new to the forum and I was wondering if you could give me some info on my Aug I’m not sure what it is but it’s new and it comes with a yellow t-peice and a metal barrel, it’s having some performance problems and I don’t know what’s wrong

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More info would be helpful, what is the problem exactly.

A yellow T piece never seen. LH Aug TP are black plastic and not the best. LH AUG comes with a plastic barrel.

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awaiting more info like @Maiphut but whilst we wait and you ponder how to provide…

as we work through your blaster, given that it will likely be apart to fix, i recommend doing some basic upgrades.

barrel, t piece, oring (if you have to crack the box) fuse, secdonary mosfet (if you’re changing the spring), spring, spring retainer

for my money ootb, spring retainer, barrel and if needed, t piece and oring.

Low Guido did a Youtube video on fixing up the AUGs, a few ex- factory setup problems with the location of the nozzle, etc. Worth checking out.

I would have thought that LeHui would have addressed that issue in production by now though.

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Yes mine came with the outer barrel o-ring spaced to get it tight against the box so the nozzle would seal in the TP.


I can’t put in a video but it only shoots 15 meters.
How far does yours shoot?

40m. Check your nozzle is seating in the t piece, as per LG’s video.

Replaced the piston O ring. Spring I’m using 1.18mm Ausgel. Alloy 450mm inner barrel glued to t piece.


The aug he’s got is likely a tac edge one. All of theirs seem to come with a 48cm 7.3id barrel and a yellow 3D printed t-piece. The problem is those t-pieces are horrible. They start to split only after a few mags. Mine did too. I’ve glued mine up and then added a couple layers of epoxy just to hold it all together and it actually seems to be working quite well atm. The standard nylon thing-pieces you get are rubbish and don’t seem to line up properly either. There is one I can’t remember that do that piece like the yellow one but is solid. The problem is their $20 each…


I’m getting abysmal performance with my AUG. I saw something with the ported cylinder issue. Would replacing the cylinder get the performance to roughly the level of other stock blasters (M4A1, ACR etc.) and if so, where could I buy that part?

Porter cylinder could be part of the issue and to fix that any full cylinder would do. Gen 8 ect. Though check your barrel as well. You might find the inner barrel is actually a lot shorter than the outer barrel.