Perun v2, blowing fuses. Need healthy advice

Cut fuse out?
How’s everyone solving there fuses on there perun v2 opticals.
Keep blowing mine.
11.1v l 4500mah
35k tienly, 13:1 ss m130

try different motor ? Different parts ?

What Amp fuse? Are you sure its not shorting out anywhere? The insulation on the wiring is soft and easily cut.

Could even be something as little as having a metal motor base plate and the pos motor terminal heat shrink has worn through and is shorting out.:man_shrugging:

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Is your setup short stroked , and which fuse are you using ?

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Short stroked, I’ve blown stock fuse + 25 + 10. 3 separate fuses

Stock fuse. I’ll have a look at all the wiring

How many teeth short stroked?

Youll need to be running the 40A fuse for this set up.
Perun state in the manual anything over 25rps and using an m130 and above needs to run the 40A fuse.

So make sure you grab a few 40A spares.

So is it blowing the fuse as soon as you plug the battery in? Or straight away when you fire it or whats happening?
Also what gearbox housing?

This is whats happening with me, Ryan i put a 30amp in and blew the fuse, but when i had the motor out of the grip the motor spun, when i put motor in grip it blew also this is with a leviathan v2 mosfet

The extra work from yours is that shagged sector gear though

Yeh zehamish i re did the gearbox everything smooth now changed all gears just waiting on the 40amp

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Ok so everytime i put the second screw in the hand grip the fuse blows, i can’t find what’s causing this, the motor runs fine but asoon as hand grip goes on its blowing fuse

Ok i found the problem, the screw dug into the negative wire bad design on this hybrid gearbox

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You will often need to trim hardware

It’s a regular build task for me

I didnt build this mr stingops did, cant even take the mosfet out because he has circled the screw thats just the 87th problem of this whole build with him

Stripped Heads are a pain.

In your case is be using some glue, patience and when you give it a twist, be firm and crisp.

So, stingops… You smoked the fuse before your initial rebuild?

If after it’s possible that the screws you’ve put into the grip was originally somewhere else?

Yes they were somewhere else thats not his fault, but i cant even take the mosfet out lol trust me this took him months to build and when it arrived i was wondering why its making funny noise so i opened the gearbox pulled the spring out to see the spring cut and damaged the cylinder head, had to replace that along with many other things

Edit i still have the spring pointy af

It’s a lesson we all learn at some point. The fusing just made it cost friendly

Cutting down hardware is a dremel task. I should build. / buy a bench grinder.

I think dremel have an attachment…