Perun V2 issues

Hey team,

Just had a perun v2 optical mosfet professionally installed. From the looks of it they did an amazing job, the soldering is tight, nothing loose and they showed me it working in the shop and it didn’t miss a beat.

I get it home and run it on my batteries and I notice 2 things.

  1. it works well inside the house, not outside the house?
  2. when it doesn’t work it sounds like it choosing menu functions and keeps beeping and changing things.

I have a well m401 with a clear body and a clear gearbox. Do you think this may be what’s causing my issues?

I am experiencing similar things

@rattler who is daMan on this thing, intimated that I may have over greased my gearing…and whilst I was damn sure I didn’t he was on the money of sorts

I had, whilst installing it, touched the board and sensor array with my greasy mits and whilst I couldn’t see it, some iso showed me the error of my ways

All hail the @Rattler

So in your case, take it back to the shop, have them do it

Otherwise you can start by taking the box out but not apart and using iso to clean the fire selection sensor array

Now mine…performs allot better but I have trouble getting it into programming mode and during a 4hr game the other day, went there without my say so twice sooo…twitchy much…I could be doing it wrong too.

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Clear box and receiver is the problem

Clean the trigger sensor and sector gear sensor inside the box


I had the same issue when I tried fitting a gearbox with a Perun from a clear SLR receiver to a clear wells receiver.

You must be right about the whole clear shell theory.
The SLR is frosted so it worked fine, the Wells kept playing up so I just pulled it out.

Look up the full perun manual it tells you the error beeps for too much light.
You can try and cover up the holes with the stickers that come with the Perun.

Thanks for the input.
I’ve been contemplating a new receiver anyway.

I know I can get the nylon wells receiver easily enough but are there any recommendations for a good nylon receiver that would fit a wells gearbox?


When I could be arsed enough to strip it down entirely

It’s currently set on 2 & 2 for both semi and full auto. That’s a bit annoying but it didn’t hurt my kill ratio

And ppl still whinged about getting hit multiple times so…it’s all good for now

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Optical sensors are photosensitive. Strong light like the sun will give the sensors false or continuous readings, and may potentially damage or destroy the sensor.

As @spectre720 said. You need to stop the light getting into the gearbox. It gives false signal due to “seeing” the light

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Filthy photons

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Appreciate all the help team :blush:

My solution was the black nylon wells receiver. While changing this I noticed that I had cracked the gearbox case and that’s now being replaced with an mk v2 gearbox case.
More than I wanted to spend on a solution, but suspected these gearbox internals would end up in a different, more metal home at some stage :grin:

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