Perun V2 vs Leviathan V2 MOSFET

Just want to know anyone’s thoughts on either of the two from personal experience. I’ve read about the Perun working well in the MK CNC box, haven’t heard heaps about the Leviathan - although, it comes with a trigger, which is a nice bonus!

Also - what happens with the mag terminals?

Haha just installed my Perun V2🤤.

So much easier to install than the titan, the wires are 10 x more flexible. The titan wires are too thick and stiff.

Anyway I heard nothing good about those Leviathans, I remember someone commenting about one burning out due to only being able to handle low amperage. But I’ve never touched one personally.

The titan took a hammering in testing but eventually I killed it lol.

Perun is good value for money, although getting a gate warfet and not wiring up the trigger you can swap it between multiple blasters✌🏽


Nice. As soon as I started the thread, I decided to get one :grinning:

How did you hook up mag terminals, though?

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You have to wire them to the mosfet…
But don’t do what I did, I was to busy shouting at the kids and soldered my negative to the wrong side🤦🏽‍♂️


My kids are in bed before I am allowed to start tinkering around :joy:. I imagine that you have to source your own wire and mag terminals, and they’re not part of the kit, right? I think I’m only waiting on 7 packages to arrive on the barge…

Yeah bud you have to have your own

Do you need a metal trigger to work with the perun or will a nylon trigger do?

No idea, pretty sure either would be fine.

Nothing in the instructions or video that state you have to use metal trigger. I would assume it’s ok to use either…

Actually I just did the diagnostic test on the perun and used a piece of cardboard to reset the calibration.
So any trigger will be fine


Just out of interest - what did you do to kill it? Plug it into a car battery?!

Not sure to be honest, it was in 6 different builds two different gearboxes.
Was running fine and I stripped the box, ground some teeth of some 12:1 gears I had in it.
Put it all back together and she was gone.

It had a hard life but I learnt a lot which is good

Leviathan are absolute trash i have nothing but problems with mine bottom board shit it’s self blew fuses all the time. Got a new one sent out that was fine then the sector gear micro switch shit it’s self and now i have to re-solder the other one from the busted bottom board to this new one. Not to mention they can’t handle high drawing amps they blow fuses. Perun is flawless no issues with it at all can use it all day every day even with big dsg builds like what i have in my mk v2 box


Hello, does the mag terminal works well? I have problem on mine, Perun itself works but my mag terminal now is the issue. Do you mind explain the details on how you do the wiring for mag terminals?

Here bud, see the picture.

I couldn’t solder the mosfet directly for the positive wire as I couldn’t move the negative wires fully out of the way.
All I did was tap into the wire further down and use heat shrink.
Negative is easy as there’s a lot of room.

I’m not the best at soldering so I still sweat a lot when working with expensive mosfets🤣


scrounge some old pc cases and stock up on these.
Can then wire all your blasters triggers up to use 1 Gate mosfet.


Hi, was wondering what motor you are using for your dsg and 12:1 and 13:1ratio builds?

For me I’ve had great success with 16tpa or 30k motors. So they’re my go to at the moment, waiting on a 18tpa armature to see how that goes.

Just make sure they are neodymium magnets and don’t waste money on the chihai poop :steam_locomotive: lol

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