PG and inneundo I lurve it but

I have thoroughly laffed my @r53 off on a couple threads and even lent a helping hand to some pretty raunchy ones recently.

Many of the cheeky threads have been flagged though and whilst not clearly or overtly explicit, did leave the PG park.

I appreciate that you can’t really predict where these things will pop up but, just a reminder that the Member’s Lounge is the place for such shenanigans.

We have young minds and keepers of young minds here that soon enough will be corrupted, but preferably not us.


Maybe you could put a thread in the members section… called ‘filth’ or something… if anything is ‘too hot’ for the poor little kiddies… you can eject that naughtyness into there… and when we need a good laugh, we can look in there… where it was in the original thread… just say post moved to ‘naughty room’?

Just an idea… not that I would ever post any innuendo or nothing :grin: :money_mouth_face:laughing%20(1)