Phantom Extremis MkVII

Wow… Just wow. Very impressed! This is a nice solid little unit, even came with a bow on her!

Fantastic detailing, crisp fire select and nice rigid mag release. Best feeling metal receiver to date housing the v3 EBB full metal gearbox.

Have already found the DK-J10 hopup is a direct fit, but want a metal/alloy unit to replace. Anyone have experience with this alloy boi,

and will it be a fit considering I need reverse thread 14/16mm(can’t remember exactly which atm)

Also, this blaster did not come with a battery and requires the “Turnigy” brand with mini Tamiya connectors.
Which I now need to acquire…


re-end the battery input or at least make yourself an adapter.

there is nothing wrong with the mini tamiya plugs though and if your batterys are all going to come with them, no real point changing.

does not need to be turnigy but they are my battery of choice

hop up wise same brand but the nylon one with the metal ribbied plate go alright

Looks amazing.

But I cant get into the web site you display in the picture of the box with the ribbon. is the guy selling these beauties. They have a range of 3.

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That must suck @FordScott having this beauty and not being able to fire it :sob: I have 3 of those needed batteries but live in NQ. Would luv to see this rapid firing for you.
I have one on the way and I will be going straight to 11.1 not 7.4 like they recommend.
Woops I didn’t say that online to void my warranty :smirk:

@FordScott nice buy. So what gearbox did they eventually ship these units with? I thought APS V2 not V3 EBB gearbox?

I will be tossing the Rizer metal hopup on mine but unfortunately it was delivered while I was on shift at work and won’t be able to test it out until I come home on the 21st. :frowning:

Cheers man, I could be wrong on the gearbox, haven’t opened her yet.
In my researching the only comparison blaster or info I could find was on the Airsoft version of this gun, hence the assumption it would be the v3 with 8mm nozzle.

Sucks hard, day off tomorrow too! I’m in Rockhampton man so no chance of obtaining a battery. Gimmie yours! Lol