Picatinny Bridge/stabiliser- availability or build?

G’day all,

Looking for options to stabilise a font guard with the receiver on a couple of my rigs. Previously I have bought one (pictured), but the vendor is no longer selling these so looking at other options. The item is 3D printed but hasn’t held up the best under pressure (you can see the cracks). It doesn’t really suit me mounting the optics over the join to do the job.

Does anyone know where I can purchase another off these stabilisers? Alternatively, is there any skill/interest from someone with a 3D printed to make one, ideally, a little more robust? Ultimately, I’d like to obtain an aluminium one- are there options to have something like this CNC machined? I think this would likely be the best solution but I don’t have the ability to create these.

Appreciate anyone that can help

Nice one- thanks! Same as the one I have.

Now, to sort out an aluminium one…

If you’re not too fussed about it having a smooth top then any picatinny rail riser should do the trick…

Here’s a basic one

Here’s one with some angles if that’s your jam…

You can look at the bipod adapters or the 20mm to 11mm (weaver) adapters as they are smoother on top… just make sure you don’t get a 11mm to 20mm adapter as these are much more common, and not what you want…

20mm to 11mm

Bipod Adapter (looks like the “ball” comes out)

All good ideas- thanks!

nasty ugly things they are. maybe if it could be diguised as something useful…who am i kidding, the position is all wrong for anything useful.

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Red dot!

Reeeeed dottttt!

I got this one on the way from disease land

Here have a piccatinny, with some corona virus.

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What? Like the Gold coast

Or do you mean mental and moral disease in which case I’d say Canberra?

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Just make sure your lime wedge is fresh.

Wouldn’t want any nasty bacteria


Thanks all. I have a couple of options coming to try, based on these suggestions.

I mean China, home of the current disease outbreak.


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Are you using a Delta ring so there’s a gap between the receiver and handguard? I have my Holo sight 1 tooth over but my receiver and handguard sit flush.

I have the same handguard, where is the barrel nut for it? If it is mounted correctly it doesn’t need a bridge/stabiliser

A link to the actual barrel nut for the handguard to mount correctly.

I’m running it on a Gen 8- has the adaptor to the twist-on mount for the guard hence the movement

Thanks for the reply, that makes sense. I ran that same handguard on the kublai BD receiver and had no issues.
Is it worth swapping over to one of these so you can mount any handguard you want on to it?

The first one they list

That certainly makes sense and looks the goods- that should fix it. The Gen 8 was/is my ‘practice’ rig that I’ve been using for experience ie gearbox mods, set up etc. Probably won’t be putting any more coin into it as I’m now running my Gen 9 and V2 rigs. If I was to, though, that looks like it would be next on my list- thanks for the heads-up!