Picatinny Rails

Hey guys. Are the rails on most of the gel blasters available the same width? If so whats their width, is it 20mm or something?

Yep 20mm.is the standard but there is also 11mm. Dont ask me how I found that out… the hard way.
You can buy adapters to go either way thouhh

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Sweet as. Just checking out some attachments atm

Laser sight is a good one just to zero in the optical sight. Mount the blaster somewhere solid and let of 3 rounds and the adjust the laser to impact point then adjust optics to laser dot… repeat until happy.

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Thanks. Looking to get a pair of offset rails for the scope. The stock digs into my cheek too much when aiming.

I got a twin 45 deg mount might be similar to what you are after.

Thats the ones. Just need a scope now. Got my eyes on a nice one for aliexpress

Go on give us a link.


there’s that and the dovetail rails on the AKA 74m 74ms and 105,