Piston Head issue

Has anyone else had any dramas with their piston head ripping off the plunger? had this happen a few times. it seems the screw that holds the head to the plunger just rips out and stuffs up the thread, I’ve even used threadlock when screwing on the FB piston head.

It hasn’t happened to me except in some pistols with rubber cup piston heads.

It is not so much the strength of the bolt holding the piston head but the vacuum created by the piston retracting.

Got any pics?

Maystro did put a pic up

Hope you don’t mind me adding to this topic.
Anyone with experience fitting a Super Shooter piston head to SHS plunger?
Is the play in the head “a thing”? Or should I be grinding the 3mm of play off to have it sit flush with the plunger?

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You’ve got it together wrong
images (4)


@Rattler mate that sounds like something that I’d do :smile:, but the length of the sleeve that hosts the bearings and the long spacer/sleeve all look different to every image that I’ve found for this piston head

I’ve never seen one that looks like that wtf ?
It has to be for something else ?
Did all of those parts come together or did you get different parts to make it up ?

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All came out of the of the packing as you see it fitted on the shs plunger.
If I dremel the 2.1mm off the bottom of the long sleeve and add a couple of small o-rings it’ll work.

Really appreciate the reply

designed to run aoe washers inbetween the head and the piston.

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@Kamchop! Thankyou mate. Really appreciate you guys sharing your knowledge.
Is there a household hack to replace this part?

Those are able to be used on any standard piston and head but I fail to see how they will fix this issue?

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it won’ t fix his issue, with that gap there it just looks like thats what that piston heads designed for. No details about it even on the shs website.
Hey m4a1put a fucking usuage description on your items ffs


why its has an extention tube thing after the bearing,
i mean why extend that bit = .=?
better bearing support like a spring guide for the piston head side O_O???

can always use more length :wink:


That part is not the issue a doesn’t matter, all piston with the bearing extend it a bit to stabilize the spring but this one has a bit more , the whole thing looks heavy and useless :rofl:


the whole lets put more weight in the piston and add aoe washers to it Mmmmm.
send him one of your fb pom heads rattler hah.

@Kamchop Are you drinking bro ?
You know I would never use one of those FB POM piston heads :rofl:


You could shorten it but it has to be the correct length so it doesn’t lock up the thrust bearing and does lock the piston head down tight.
I would take it back and get a different one

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not one but many. i just got 2 myself to try out.