Piston problems - ripped the ladder right out of its ***

so i’m building away on my retro arms split into a JJ SLR nylon external and all is sweet…and i mean sweet…

until this morning where it literally ripped the ladder out of the arse out of the piston.

the piston i have is the RetroArms 14.5 Steel Tooth Piston so presumably (reality would argue otherwise) plenty of strength for the task.

the box is wearing a m115 spring (495mm x 7.2mm barrel) which i freely accept is probably the root cause

but…where to from here…i’m not going to tolerate swapping in new pistons every 3 mags

on field shenanigans…quick battery, piston and mag change - don’t shoot me…i’m just “reloading”

QUESTION: i’m sure some of us have already run across this…what was your fix

Did you super glue the ladder into the piston?

Sadly, no…

But I will next time

Superglue is not that good to be honest… Unless you sliced your finger open and you need to fix it…
Nothing beats a two part epoxy

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Open to all suggestions

Looking at an alu piston atm