Place to buy blaster with cryptos or zippay

i bought a wells g17 and after a 3 weeks part of the plastic on the slide broke off when firing. and while trying to remove the slide i bent part of the metal grooves that guide the slide in and slightly dislodged the hammer mechanism from within the ■■■. the magazine doesnt fall out without force and most of the time the slide gets jammed going forward.

it was sent back to the retailer who fixed some of the issues because it was within warranty period. anyway im probbaly going to keep it as a replica for fun kinda thing, i dont know if i can be effed trying to fix it.

anyhow to the point. finances are good here, DINK. but my mrs is not a fan of my recent interest in gel blasters and their fairly high costs. she doesnt approve of any more big purchases and i want to buy a more reputable gbb pistol.

alas i have a bit of bitcoin plus zip pay account that she wouldn’t notice lol. etc.
are there any retailers that would accept either of these methods of payment?

rope her into a pocket money scheme where each week you get X discretionary funds which you then save up like a good little duck and get whatever you want with.


we have a different method of allocating free spending. limit to $100 otherwise we talk about it. i already spend enough money on pc parts so thats not a conversation i feel confident in having rofl. some say im whipped.

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a functional discussion and process around money is super important.

it is a core issue in most breakups


i suspected this would derail quickly to relational/financial advice.

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Hardly. We dont often promote fiscall sensibility

But it does seem your options are limited to zippay et al which might get your arse kicked when she notices.

Problem with zippay and the lke is no buyer protection kf it doesn’t turn up


The other thing to consider is that unless you only see each other at bed time - she’ll know you got something new again, an unexpected parcel delivery, the shrink wrap in the rubbish, the extra box next to the bin, you’ll be spending more time with the new purchase etc. I suspect this is more of an issue that you should talk to Mrs about as a budgetary thing - set a hard annual limit.

nah shes oblivious to what gel ■■■■ i have, they are all the same. id be going for the we g17 so its the same make as my current one.

i havnt seen any of the retailers selling with zippay. some of them have paylater but i refuse to use them. :confused:

curious…i don’t like any of the buy now pay later crowd but what has the payLater crew done to offside you?

I suspect she would notice the new toys and then wonder where you got the money. I don’t think a toy is worth relationship dishonesty and issues…

As @zeHamish said, zippay, after pay etc etc is a very unwise choice.

They offer no/zero purchase protection.

So if you get screwed over by a retailer on warranty or delivery, short of taking that retailer to court, you are permanently screwed.

If you use mastercard or Visa, and you get screwed over, the bank will reverse the charge and give you your money back.

There will always be someone that follows this post by saying “I’ve used zippay (etc) heaps and never had an issue” and they clearly missed the point…

Don’t drive a car without a seatbelt if you’ll get upset by your face possibly smeared across the dashboard.

Don’t buy a product with cash/EFT/zip/after pay if you’ll get upset by possibly losing your money.

Find a gel blaster shop that offers this service? noidea pop


Or … you could just grow some Kahunas and remind her that her place is in the kitchen? (just joking of course) eek drama pop


I will sell you my entire collection of everything for some of that sweeeet BTC…!

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The rug’s going to be pulled out one day my friend

Apparently with zip you can generate a card via the app then add to your phone wallet and it can be used at any store.

I’ve brought 2 motorbikes in the past and told my mrs when I came home on it. You might sleep on the couch for a few days but they get over it.


this is what i needed to know arc. thanks. its a bit odd zip pay has distanced themselves from gel ■■■■. maybe because they are largely banned in aus, it would be difficult for them being a middle man with bans in most states.

all done and paid for rofl. apparently my marriage is on the verge of breakdown according to the rest of yas. its a slippery slope?!?. she wont care if $50 a fortnight comes out for the next 3 months but dropping $380 in one hit is a catastrophe. my overtime from the night paid for this already. she doesnt like gel ■■■■ because the noise annoys her. honesty and open discussion in this scenario is futile. gotta stock up on the toys before kids.

So… The really important question and why you may be about to be looking for a new home…

What did you buy?


Yeah not to sure why stores don’t use zip or after pay, I’ve gotten one of the guys at work into gel blasters and he’s been trying to find a retailer that does after pay as most of his funds are going to his wedding in a few months it’s proven difficult to find somewhere.

picked up we g17 black. couldnt see any reviews on the tubes so i might do one