Plan to pick up SKD Glock 18s

I plan to buy an used SKD Glock 18s from my friend’s friend this weekend. I plan to use with it together with my Jinming X2 Glock (akimbo style)

So, is it a good unit? Is 18s mosfet good? I read few review about SKD unit and they say that they got problem with their mosfet. Also, is it safe to always use it’s 14.8v rather than 7.4v?

Thank you~

I guess not. As I got problems using higher voltage battery on my blaster.

Aside from it only shooting 140fps where most fields allow double that, it should be a decent little unit for what it is.

Worth noting OP is based in Indonesia, so keep in mind when making recommendations. :+1:

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I see… But, is the mosfet durable enough?

Since its sold as a 14.8v blaster, if it did break just return it to the seller for false advertising.

Haven’t personally used it before.

Since when was the SKD Glock 14.8v ?

There’s a new version, called SKD Glock 18s.

Oh I see, well in that case yes

I have the SKD Beretta M90 two which also runs the dual voltage via an attached torch. Either 7.4 or 14.8v I have had this for two years now and replaced the mosfet in it after i thought it had failed. it had not, it was actually a break in the divider in the upper slide. So I am still using the original mosfet almost all on 14.8v My average FPS is 183 on single shot, on auto it is 170fps.
I would be inclined to think that they have worked out a way to fit the Beretta board and a torch with pass through connections to make it as good as the Beretta is.
The selector, if the same is just a button and only requires a single press to change modes or hold in for priming the gels from the magazine. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: