Planning high speed build

Hi guys wanting to put in some cool upgrades to make my mp7 stupidly fast rof and decent trigger response but as always need your help to avoid any potential downfalls haha. Planning on putting in the below

  • 70,000 rpm 370 blue motor (potentially go for something a bit more modest around the 45000 rpm mark if it is a better idea)
  • 1.28 or 1.18 unequal spring
  • shs 16:1 gears
    All run on a 11.1

Am i going to run into any tappet timing issues or anything structurally obvious?
Thanks guys!

This is a thread you should definitely read and digest

In it you will find all sorts of chatter about tappet timing and how to tweak it


Are you going to run a p90 gearbox? Don’t the mp7s have their own gears? I think the spur gear might be smaller than normal?

Anyone able to confirm?

P90 gearbox wont fit without serious modifications in a mp7 blaster. Someone here has already done this modification but the bulge needed to fit it is significant.

Yeah saw that, looked like the top half of the mp7 needed to be cut and left permanently open with the GB visible.


Pick a target RPS & FPS first, build backwards from there. Don’t skip reading that DSG timing thread either…
High speed builds are more than just slapping a quicker set of gears and a faster motor together.

I would suggest you choose a different blaster to do what your are planning, the MP7 is a great little blaster but not suitable for what you listed above